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I do, actually.

Here's a primer from:http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmedhealth/PMH0002494/

People with autism may:

Be overly sensitive in sight, hearing, touch, smell, or taste (for example, they may refuse to wear "itchy" clothes and become distressed if they are forced to wear the clothes)

Have unusual distress when routines are changed

Perform repeated body movements

Show unusual attachments to objects
Cannot start or maintain a social conversation

Communicates with gestures instead of words

Develops language slowly or not at all
Does not adjust gaze to look at objects that others are looking at
Does not refer to self correctly (for example, says "you want water" when the child means "I want water")

Does not point to direct others' attention to objects (occurs in the first 14 months of life)
Repeats words or memorized passages, such as commercials

Social interaction:

Does not make friends
May treat others as if they are objects

Prefers to spend time alone, rather than with others

Shows a lack of empathy

Has very narrow interests

Is overactive or very passive

Shows aggression to others or self

Shows a strong need for sameness

Uses repetitive body movements

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And then there's the third group, manchildren who have tits.

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Where Nurgle and Slaanesh overlap.

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Currently he believes that being in touch with his feminine side (being a "tomgirl") will get him tail and fame. Pic related.

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He at least is merely an ugly bachelor, and not a tomgirl seeking a boyfriend-free girl.

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That's just scratching the surface.

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