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I've got a ratio of 1.3. Has anyone got a full download yet?

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I've just never seen much of a bust on her.

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There will be a lot of green stuffing and kitbashing, but maybe you can use those 3rd party female tau models as a base.

Best of luck to you. And remember, the Scraplootas tribe color is yellow. I can also post the simple mspaint version of their emblem if you need it.

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But I don't like Xeno at all! Now, Blue, on the other hand...

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I know I'm not meant to think it, but Blue really is kawaii as fuck.

I love the Scraplootas too. But hnggh. It's the Tank-Girl style that does it for me I think.

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Shan Yu?

More Like Warboss Slam Yoo. Leads a force of mostly Kommandos and Flash Gits, and has a Winged Attack Squig.

Mul'aun is followed by a Kroot outcast bodyguard named Mu'chew.

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Blue thread?

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Oh, and I think I've heard talk about commisioning a story maybe, but that would be either The Scraplootas Are Far From Finished, or Dat Blue Grot.

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HA HA, time for Blue and the Scraplootas derail!

What's everyone's favorite episode of the cartoon? I love the grotocracy specials myself.

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I know you're saying that by /tg/'s definition all females are waifus, but I disagree. Blue/Noh etc are daughterfus more than waifus.

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I want one for Blue

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Weren't they the guys spawned from Blue?

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'Ere, dis betta?

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Orks act as mercenaries in smaller bands and will fight for money or equipment. The Tau are the most diplomatic of the races. Against a greater threat they could all be justified.

Though the Tau would never let the orks into the greater good (they can't be civilized), And farsight is currently in the middle of the war of the dakka, it means that orks and tau aren't the best of allies, they don't score/deny objectives as an ally and there's a very small chance that if they're too close to one another that they'll stop when near each other. but orks and tau compliment one another really well, The long range anti-tank of the tau with the mass of the orks? or tau with a large cheap mob of orks and give tau the cc potential the tau need to by them time.

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The difference between /tg/ and other boards (barring /co/) is that /tg/ creates its own waifus, instead of just following other people's.


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>Blue is not sexy

Not even a little?

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It started with a "Tau Cultural Exchange Program" thread (Basically, Tau Girl what do?).
Before it could go into Eldar/Dark Eldar mindfucking/regularfucking the poor Tau, someone posted about Orks finding her instead.
And then Blue found herself in a loving Tribe of Orks. It's like a Saturday Morning Cartoon featuring Orks, whacky shenanigans and etc.

Here's a list of pastebin links to a bunch of Blue and the Scraplootas stories.

I think Blue avoided Xeno's fate because /tg/ quit trying to develop her while they were still ahead.

So far at least...

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She'll have thought of that, she's a clever git.

Besides, she'll probably have bought the pieces from the 60 second market, rather than just scavenging any old thing.

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Regardless, it's wrong to say that Blue is nothing more than a moe tank girl. Because she's really not, she has depth in the same way as Xeno.

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>No pictures of Blue

Why not change that?

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does blue come under the scraplootas? blue is adorable

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"Oi, dat's roight, what of it? An' you're green."
You feel your pockets for something that you could possibly offer the grot in thanks, but you can't seem to find anything. That map you were given fluttered to the ground of Piston Plaza, and some grot is probably trying to figure out how to bake it into a squigpie. You're fresh out of squiglegs. And pockets. Right, the pockets are in your other pants. Which don't exist. Well, it's really lucky that you didn't wet this pair!

Yes luck. This is all your luck. Your lucky day, you meet a clearly lucky grot, you're about to go and work at the 60-Second Market, and you're going to start your climb up the hierarchy of the Grotocracy. A proper career grot you are. The best and the brightest. You'll be Big Cheese Grot before you know it!

Of course, you still need to do something. You give your sincere and enthusiastic thanks to the blue grot, jumping up and down as you shake his hand, and offer a partnership. A full partnership when you control the 60-Second Market. Not a 70-30 split, not 60-40, a full 50-50. He can see the absolute generosity in your eyes that you can hardly believe yourself.

"Well, er--"
Big Bozz Slapsquig Stabgrattle Stompa Grot
Did you just get your own name right?
"Er, right, Bozz. Listen, I kinda already gots myself a sweet gig, so I gotta pass on yer partnership. Sorry."

Crestfallen. Absolutely crestfallen you are, rejected by your savior, your blue saint, your lucky muse. If you were a bird, or if you at least had a mohawk, your crest would be so fallen you wouldn't be able to pick it up.

Oh well, looks like you will just have to--

"If yer feelin' like doin' a favor in return, dere iz sumfin you can do fer me."

She's holding the package aloft.
How do you respond?

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You act like that git is hard ta krump ya lil metal pansy!

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