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I notice how many of my brothers have created relics of great power. I too, shall make one. I craft a helm of great power from the spider webs and Bone, that allows the user to move at incredible speeds, radiate a aura of terror and awe. It also allows the user to strike pure fear into any mortals heart with a single glance. They shall also be able to call upon me, and tell me of things, if they wish to do so.

I shall place it in a place where great turmoil and war is taking place.

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How does one become a Daemon Prince without worshiping one single Chaos God, as in being of Chaos Undivided?

Do you have to say that your actions are "For Chaos", and never a specific god? Or do you have to appease all four of them?

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Nostramo was a 'sunless' world, at very very best it experienced a weak twilight. The people who lived there had incredibly pale skin and their eyes were all fully dilated pupil making them look pure black so as to take in more light in the weak twilight of nostramo.

You could give the daemon prince a night lords ceremonial helmet too, moulding it around the head and giving it the same dark blue and gold with red batwings flaring from it

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AVE DOMINUS NOX!!! But no seriously Nightlords are badass

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With a whirr of servos coming to like your astartes power armor obeys your mental commands, the steely wings of your jet pack extending with a metal cry. For a moment three pairs of eyes are locked upon your crouched form in shock the moment before you launch into space, but a moment is all you need.

Descending on the carbine bearing figure you feel his las shot ricochet helplessly off of your armor as you land on him. Smoothly your clawed hands encircle his skull, snapping his neck, and wrenching the cranium from it's mooring you twist, smashing it into the unprotected face of the woman who staggers back from the blow.

Meanwhile before the autocannon can be brought to bear your heretics descend on the third in the party with knives, chains, and rusty shivs, tearing him to pieces while he drowns in his own blood.


You lift the woman by her throat as though she weighs nothing, dangling her like a speared fish. "Heretek! Prepare the truth chamber. I would know what this wretch has to tell me."

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>Stereotypical Night Lord in a party of five
>Bros with the Iron Warrior of the party
>Fight Imperial Fists
>Steal their Strike Cruiser after sealing off blockades in their own ship and venting most into space
>Make a Blood Condor out of the Captain
>Snap a Chaplains neck when he breaks my power sword
>Deny gifts of the Gods
>Get hit point blank 4 times with a Plasma Pistol
>Still manage to eviscerate the would-be murderer
>Will die unless something is done
>Request to be put in a Dreadnought
>Put inside Imperial Fist Dread in the cargo bay thanks to the Iron Warrior bro
>Repaint, refit, etc.
>Become Night Lord Dreadnought
>Give his Servo Arm a hi-five with my new claw(Im serious)

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I do not like to use the heavy bolter. It is too loud, too heavy, and it kicks like a mule after centuries of disrepair and ill treatment. Yet we are brothers in our hatred, are we not? Just as I hate the Imperium for its web of lies and dishonor, the gun hates me, and so we understand each other.

Still, there is nothing like the plain written fear on their faces when they first dive for cover after I use it to shoot through the wall and make my own entrance - after all why fight my way through a plasteel blast door when the wall around it is so much weaker - and walk in carrying the still hot heavy weapon. Just as sweet is when the first victim does the predictable and scrambles for his own firearm.

"The Terror Child!"

I paint the room in fire. Hundreds of rounds are expended, blasting apart artwork and furniture and leaving smote ruins of bodies while las blasts and digi spikes bounce off of my armor. As I walk around the room in a slow circuit, using the kill zone to my advantage, I feel someone hit me with a stubber round.

Is he kidding?

When they are all dead I turn on the Imperial Governor now cowering under his desk. I smash it and yank him out. I make him put his hands on the hot barrel of the gun and hold them there where I can see them. I tell him if he moves his hands I will flense him alive.

He offers me money.

He offers me power.

He offers me anything I want.

I tell him before I came here to be his executioner I had a 'friend' of mine set up a time delay device connected to a weight detector. When I came into the room the pan-sector feeds were interrupted. I tell him how the whole galaxy has seen him offer succor and aid to the enemy of mankind. Then I tell them.

"See now the true face of loyalty to the corpse emperor," I shove the muzzle of the heavy bolter in his mouth, stretching his jaws so wide they are broken. "And the rewards."

I end him laughing.

Now they know.

Now they all know.

Ave Noctis.

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I like them. They were one of the key things that differentiated the Night Lords from other chaos marines.

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might be a bit off topic but I think it is relevant: is there any official info on how the traitor legions and renegade chapters recruit their men?

This is what I know:

- The least splintered of the traitor legions still have the tech neccessary to make space marines.
- Fabius Bile possess both the tech and skill and sell his services to the less technically equipped warbands.
- Warbands recruit marines from other forces. Lexicanum.com states for example that even night lords can have defectors. Night Lords Berzerkers anyone? I doubt it though.

Im interested in learning how the warbands get their recruits. Do they simply take the most brutal and strongest of the human slaves in the eye?

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I Dark Angels -
II Unknown
III Emperor's Children -
IV Iron Warriors - 1
V White Scars -
VI Space Wolves - 1
VII Imperial Fists - 2
VIII Night Lords - 2
IX Blood Angels - 1
X Iron Hands - 2
XI Unknown -
XII World Eaters -
XIII Ultramarines - 5
XIV Death Guard - 1
XV Thousand Sons - 2
XVI Luna Wolves/Sons of Horus -
XVII Word Bearers - 1
XVIII Salamanders -
XIX Raven Guard - 1
XX Alpha Legion - 4

added one more for the Night Lords

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MFW it's either a victorious slaughter of the Eldar, or a crushing defeat for the Imperium.

Because, we still win in the end....

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MFW it's either a victorious slaughter of the Eldar, or a crushing defeat for the Imperium.

Because, we still win in the end....

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>look at thread
>no night lords


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Nightlords all up in this bitch.

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oh forgot this

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Alright, is the battleforce a good buy if I'm going to make a Night Lord's warband though?
Lash princes?

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Everybody knows America's greatest weapon is Air Force, we have more fighter jets than the Imperium, Nids, and Chinks combined. And we have the brave Raptors to fly them. Also we always rape the bodies of any civilians we bomb, we'd expect no less courtesy from anyone else.

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Can I play Night Lords?

No one wants to be a fucking faggot Ultramarines.

Or if not Night Lords at least Tau.

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And thats all I got.

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Did someone say "Goofy wing helmets"!

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