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Of course you can.

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Someone is projecting their own cruelty and stupidity onto the rest of the human race. Merely because you are a nihilistic depressive does not give you the right to attempt to bring harm to the emotional well-being of others. Tomorrow will be better than today, because of people who care. Those who do not care, will be carried along, to see a brighter tomorrow.

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A blue-lantern tau fighting with a green-lantern Eldar against multiple black lantern Necrons, or orange lantern orks.

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Bumping with hope.

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A tau as a Blue Lantern fighting either a Red Lantern Angry Marine or a Yellow Lantern Dark Eldar Archon.

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Your best friend, of course.

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Boy do I hope s--
My word.

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Yea, I got roped into Gm'ing. Me, the quiet dude in the group I am in, a GM. I feel screwed. I got no experience doing this and was wanting to know if anyone was able to help me with tips, advice, even fleshing out a really nice campaign. Seeing as I will essentially be the expert in a new system for my group (they and I never played this RPG, Mutants and Masterminds 2ed, so I am, at least, good for a little bit), minus one guy who is starting to get the hang of it already and nearly broke a PL5 mad scientist dude with just having minions (dunno how but sounded broken, lol). Once I get them used to making characters and the combat system through a few pre-mades, I will then "wipe" their character's memories and allow them use them in my own setting. A couple of my groupies are GMs themselves and they gave some advice that sounded good. Such as making the setting within my hometown of Birmingham, AL (don't come here, screwed up bad, and I was raised oblivious to it, ). PL-wise, I was really leaning towards PL5, though I have finally decided on the norm of PL10 just to allow my roomy to fully realize his character concept, and have some kind of Wild Card virus (without most mutagenic properties, maybe a very rare side effect) leaving the world now nearly empty and those with gifts to come out unscathed. The 1st BBEG or BBGG, depending on what my group wants to be, was one I hoped I would not ever have to hurl at them (breaking 5th lvl character was the deciding point, ), a cross with Bane from DC and Juggernaut from Marvel. Total carnage if I get him right, lol. I want to make a world with this in mind but I dunno even how to make enough plot hooks or world build, much less keep them interested. Anyone able to help me,

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heard there were steampunk x-men pics out there and I was hoping TG may have a few. would ask /r/ but all they ask for and answer to are porn girs and pics. literally been asking them for the last two weeks for various things and got not one answer. mind helpin' a fella out?

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Well, a lot of the rings are already kind of balanced, like, blue only really works in the presence of a green, red can eat through green, and so on. I know at least one of my players wants to go blue.

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