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Rolled 87 (1d100)


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Getting more Tallarn up in this thread.

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Gotta go with these guys out of loyalty. They were the first box of 40k minis I ever bought. I used 'em as a Cawdor gang, genestealer cultists, and occasionally even guardsmen.

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>Space Marines

Who needs that when the Guard already has an option for playing Fremen?

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Can we have a Tallarn thread? I really only know their origin story [which is awesome - they managed to fight off a goddamn Traitor Legion], are there any good books about them or bitchin' fluff pieces? Have they gotten to be in an Imperial Armor book?

And are they Forge World only? Because if I was gonna build a Guard list, it would be Tallarn.

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Tallarn Desert Raiders

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Like would this be fine?

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Who are these weaklings? The are worthless. Real men are the Tallarn, defenders against Chaos!

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Hate to break it to you, but they joined the Guard

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I played a Cleric from Tallarn in DH for a year. So you could say I played a Space-Arab Mujahideen replacing Allah with The God-Emperor of Mankind. I even picked up an old textbook for learning Arabic so I could say shit in very debased Low Gothic.

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>The Tallarn Desert Raiders continued their attack on various worlds which had turned to Chaos until sometime around the 30th Millennium, when they were recalled. The "Cursus," a Chaos relic of black stone which had led the Iron Warriors to the world was discovered deep under the desert sands. Immediately after finding this relic both Eldar of the Biel-tan craftworld and Iron Warriors spilled from the sky once more, to attempt to claim this relic. After months of fighting, the Eldar and Tallarn Desert Raiders formed an alliance and destroyed the Chaos forces.

>After their combined victory over the Chaos hordes, both races exchanged their promises of friendship, before the Eldar departed in peace. The Tallarn re-entombed the Chaos relic beneath the sulphur sands and turned their backs on it.


>Once the Eldar had departed in peace, and the people of both races had exchanged their promises of friendship, the Tallarn returned to the Cursus. They found the black stone cold and lifeless once more, just as it was when they had first uncovered it. However, they knew now that the stone was not dead but merely sleeping, awaiting its time again, waiting for the call of its evil masters.

>The Tallarn buried the Cursus beneath the sulphur sands once more and placed within its circle the mysterious devices that the Eldar had given them for that purpose. Then they sealed the surface with plascrete and turned their backs upon it.

Has this bit of fluff ever been mentioned anywhere else besides the 2nd Edition Imperial Guard Codex?

Because based on Lucien Soulban's Tallarn novel, the Tallarn take these kinds of oaths very seriously. I'm not sure about the war-like Biel-tan Eldar, but I'd imagine that if a Tallarn regiment were ever put in a position where they would be pitted against Biel-tan Craftworld Eldar, they may be tempted to look the other way so that they escape, or something.

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I was thinking of playing Tallarn Desert Raiders, and I know their tactics are guerrilla/fast attack and use Plasma and Missile Weapons.

I understand their use of Chimeras and Sentinels. But I am having difficulty understanding Al'Rahem's special rules.

Stalk the Enemy: Any unit in his platoon must Out-Flank.

What is Out-Flanking?

Like the Wind: Does this mean that the squad he uses this on is able to fire all the plasma and missile launchers and move d6?

Also Tallarn image dump.

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Tallarn 28th here, Enemy forces intel required. We wonder, What exactly are we fighting? Zombies? Marines? Cultists? Daemons?

The sons of tallarn live to eradicate this heresy, but we wanna know what kind of ordnance to be packing with regard to what we will be facing.

Tactica Imperium: Know thine enemy

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