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it expels the heat AWAY anon, leaving a nice cool clean shave

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If the Chaos Gods don't exist because the Orks willed them to existence, how would they otherwise come to existence in the first place?

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who we gonna stomp today, boss?

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The people coming in were seen from a goodly distance. The river towers had lookouts and, as with the survivors, they were spotted in advance.

My preparation paid off. In minutes, farmers dropped their tools in the field, workers stopped production, and people went to gather weapons and armor.

When the boats arrived, they were greeted by most of the town, and a formation of 60 soldiers in 'hoplite gear'. Orange leather armor, hoplite shields, and guns.

I stood in front of them. Amanda's flag idea was great. We had three, each on long banner poles, one flying above the keep near the lantern. The same butterroot symbol on the pendants. Bright orange and black.

The soldiers marched in a pre-drilled formation, a flashy little display intended to show that they were a proper military. They presented arms, they rattled spear on shield, and then stood at parade rest as they were trained. One of them came out to give a one-gun salute. Enough to prove the guns were functional, but also to look like an impressive finish to the ceremony. I didn't want to waste more bullets than one.

Then the food was brought out.

There wasn't a lot of newly cooked food, but there was good cornbread slathered in butterroot and fresh veggies, and potato soup brought out of the big simmering community pot.

The community met everyone, and I invited the representatives back to my office in the keep for a drink once they'd rested. Tonight, a feast is planned, and hot baths are being drawn up for everyone.

Tomorrow, business.

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I assume everyone here's already seen Lil E?

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so like this, but nestled in Ghazzy's cleavage?

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>>progress youreper


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And for the rest of her life, you going to think of her as an Ork.

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best to try in 5-6 hours time OP. around this time the kids haven't been put to bed yet, and it gets quite childish around here.

the real /tg/

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Gretchin is ready!

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I didn't really read the thread, but we got some Cutehammer going on in here?

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Enjoy boss.

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