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You can never go wrong with a basilisk or twenty

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What is the best way to make a setting during war time? Something World War 1 esque? Some interesting scenarios could go down. Maybe diesel punk tier stuff.

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>no longer know how to build
This is still the most underrated part of 40k lore

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How much artillery is too much artillery?

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Neither. Marines are just upjumped shock troops. The real masters of siege are the Astra Militarum.

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I'm going to run a game of Only War and I need pictures. Pictures of the Imperial Guard.

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Okay, so the GM hat was passed onto me and we've started character/regiment gen of Only War.
The players chose to be penal worlder drop troopers with an equipment doctrine of combat drugs.
Unfortunately, I know what I want to do but not how to do it. I want them to square off against Eldar on a frontier world, but I can't think good motivations for the Eldar to leave their Crafworlds to set up camp so close to Imperial space. I was thinking Macguffin/Cache of dank resources within the planet, but I need help on specifics. Got any ideas?

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In most of the books I've read the Guard get shat on until the Space Marines come and save the day.

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Why do people really hate IG players?

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These are cute

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Have another cool gif
I know, it bothers my inner /k/ too.

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if this is a general, can someone at least do a proper OP? what the fuck am I looking at, it looks cool, but dunno what is it.

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So are there any other jumps that offer Dies Irae level universe destroying power?

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I'd like to know if this list is suitable for friendly games.
IG 2000 points

Battalion: Vostroyan Doctrine

Company Commander w/bolt pistol (31p.)
Company Commander w/bolt pistol (31p.)
Platoon Commander w/bolt pistol (21p.)
Company Command squad w/ snipers (37p.)

Veterans W/Melta's, boltgun (109p.)
6 Bullgryns w/mauls (252p.)
>3x Brute Shields
>3x Slab Shields

Infantry Squad w/Autocannon (55p.)
Infantry Squad w/Autocannon (55p.)
Infantry Squad w/flamer, Heavy Bolter (55p.)
Infantry Squad w/flamer, Heavy Bolter (55p.)

HWS 3xLascannons (78p.)
HWS 3xLascannons (78p.)
Leman Russ Battle Tank w/Battle Cannon, melta's, lascannon (204p.)
Leman Russ Demolisher w/Demolisher cannon, Heavy Bolter (170p.)

Chimera w/2 heavy bolters (91p.)

Patrol: Militarum Tempestus Doctrine

Priest (30p.)

Tempestor Commander w/command rod (40p.)
Tempestor Commander w/command rod (40p.)
Tempestus command Squad w/plasmaguns (88p.)

10xscion squadw/4x Volley Guns (124p.)
Taurox Prime (95p.)
>Volley guns, Gatling Cannon

Valkyrie w/ multilaser, hellstrike missiles (140p.)
10 men Scions Squad (100p.)

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So are we seeing the beginning of a struggle over the future of 40k, female models and inclusivity?



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Bumping for myself. I've made a list of all of the units I think are cool or otherwise I'd like to use. Interestingly enough, smashing all of my theoryhammmer lists together is about 2500pts. And that's min/maxed to fuck and back again.

It's got
>Scions with plasma out the whazoo
>2 crusader squads with a psyker and a priest in a gryphonne chimera
>a paladin squad with voldus, an apothecary and an ancient
>2 melta dominion squads in repressors
>2 seraphim squads with inferno pistols

What the hell do I cut out? I suppose I'd be perfectly fine without the paladins, if I have crusaders. What do you guys think?

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Where do you guys get your bits for sprucing up your models? I don't want to buy sprues of stuff I don't need if I can avoid it, I want just one specific bit and it looks like everywhere I've googled only sells whole-sprue lots.

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The world may never know.

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Da humie's have great big gunz like pic related.

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