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Lesser Shades of Evil.

Beautiful concept, wonderful ideas and artwork throughout.

Like Continuum, a pain in the ass to play. Features a Variable Dice Pool mechanic in which you trade off higher die values with the inherent probabilities of failing easier due to more sides on the dice you're using.

Seems fun enough, though.

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And at this point, we reach a game I've already dissed, which might seem odd, but I actually really love it, even if it is really, really hard to get running.

Lesser Shades of Evil is a weird RPG. Really, really weird. If I absolutely had to put it in a defined genre, I guess I would have to go with Post-Human Fantasy. The basic premise is that a man called Ambrose Kingsway found a way to make the human brain digital, achieving immortality. He then made six other members of his family immortal as well, and using proxy bodies, they managed to get humanity to wipe itself out. They then rebuilt the world in their image, and reigned over it from the shadows, forbidden to interfere directly with the mortals. Instead they became divine figures directing the fate of the world in secret.

To help with this task, they created immortal servants known as Angelions to serve and protect the people of the world. Eventually, though, one of the Kingsways, now known as Lord Ravencross decided to screw over the status quo. In a great war he destroyed over half of the Angelions in existence, including one of his six family members. The war ended with Ravencross victorious, and the Angelions under his command free to rule the world as gods and interfere with mortals as much as they pleased. There are, however, enough free Angelions to prevent him from taking complete control of the world. This is basically where the game kicks in, as the players take the roles of characters from one of several factions.

It's basically a fantasy world where all magic is technology. You will usually play as some kind of Angelion, a post-human capable of controlling bodies remotely, which mortals perceive as divine beings.

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Bumpiung with related pic not that i care

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Lesser Shades of Evil is weird. Probably one of the weirdest RPGs I've ever played, and I've played an RPG where there's a race of sentient Twinkies. But this game isn't weird in the LOLRANDUMB sense of the word, it's just really, really weird in the "someone actually thought of this idea and meticulously planned it out" way.

In short, without digging into the long, long backstory of the game, you're playing Exalted, only with science. The basic idea is that you have this fantasy world, only it's actually sci-fi. Nobody knows this, however, but the Angelions who are your Exalts in this games. Angelions are transhuman immortals made up of nanomachines stored inside golden orbs who control bodies remotely.

Character creation is, to put it bluntly, crunchy as all hell. You have your basic character sheet for mental attributes, history, personality and so on. Then you have separate character sheets for your bodies. And this is where shit flips the fuck out. You see, you can create any goddamn body you want. Literally anything. I mean it, you can stat out the weirdest shit ever using the character creation system, which is part of what makes it so fun, yet demanding.

As you progress, you can control multiple bodies simultaneously, learn "magic" (which is just SCIENCE in disguise) and dick around with all kinds of weird shit. It's a well-crafted setting, a good system for anyone who likes lots of options, and all in all just a really weird (but awesome) game.

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Lesser Shades of Evil.

The setting is pretty complicated, but the basic jist of it is that this guys figured out how to go post-human and leave the physical body behind. He shared this discovery with his family, and they all became immortal. They then manipulated world leaders into wiping out the human race, and recreated it in their image. Through carefully selected henchmen, they then maintained control over the destiny of mankind.

A few of the immortals rebelled, there was a civil war, and the rebels won out. They're now free to do as they wish.

Basically, it's post-human fantasy with lots of neat shit going on. Way too much for me to bother with explaining it all, but it's a game I can definitely recommend.

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