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He could always run away when he sees that they are murderhobos.

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nobody cares but you. There's a black dude on the stock photo. Get over it.

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>>52666509 #
>Spending $200 on new models instead of a slightly better phone


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>Spending $200 on new models instead of a slightly better phone


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>targets specific sub-communities without a single shred of artifice distancing them from the real thing, as is done by courtesy to every other sub-community out there
>makes retarded straw-man extrapolations that deflect from the fact that it's no different if they went 'the wahabbi's are just evil fae boggarts from deep within the dunes' or 'the aboriginals are just mud-men zombies' or the like, 'atheists are just braindead cthuloids puppeteered by x sect of mages'

You know EXACTLY why it's a problem and yet you just wanted to have your smarmy comeback because its a group of people you don't give a fuck about. Fine, but Onyx Path has bent over backwards to try to unfuck its stereotyping and virtue signalled hard to that effect, so even if we're cutting them some slack, at best, it's a giant step backwards. Fuck off.

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That is very rude.

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>What are you playing in standard?
G/B CoCo. Getting real sick of versing meme warriors

>What will win PT Origins?
some abzan variation or maybe a control deck

>What are you hoping for in Battle for Zendikar?
something something Kiora

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Bumping. Want an answer.

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