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mana base is from a different incarnation, I'll look into swapping away from temples. Maybe just swap 'em out for more basics, or any good suggestions?
win-con is actually same as last incarnation, which is pop darksteel reactor, or, as it's come to be quite often, just slowly eeking out a win using Atraxa because virtually no one at my LGS brings flyers.
I'm not sure how fragile or delusional I'm being, but it seems like a number of 3 card combos just lock about every component down (Orb of dreams / kismet + Stasis and Hellbent Gibbering Diseent / Static Orb and Tangle Wire) It seems like gibbering descent + a a large number of stax pieces would be sufficient on its own.

I hope I don't sound like I'm arguing, I'm just explaining my (wrong) lines of reasoning, to help make it clear why mistakes were made, and hopefully highlight what I should change about my outlook to best optimise my deck. Your input helps a lot, appreciate it.

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