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I'd say that depends on whether or not your GM loves you.

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I know your feels...

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I would wish to live in all these places. Even the Imperial boy one but thats not really cyberpunk...

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I made this thread last night but then 4chan had the quoting malfunction so I'm going to try again.

I'm getting sick of the whole gothic looking Cities of Death style cities and wouldn't mind building something that look a bit more futuristic. How would I go about building these? Any tips and material suggestions would be great guys!
Pic related

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As Much as I like Billy Idol and his music videos i'm tired of seeing that asthetic.

All the spandex and "new wave" feeling of it is making it seem cheesy and camp.

Cyberpunk Dystopia feels all the more eerie when it relates to our current world. And all the go go girls really take out the feeling.

Incidentally have you guys seen that C2020 game where one of the PC's were Lady Gaga

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I usually play Modern Games so usually when I construct a city I divide it up into districts with an overall flavor and then into Points of Interest which are more detailed and have specific characters, items, purposes in them.

If they want to explore hidden areas they usually have to make a roll to locate these places, (some which i have written down) but I usually can't map them just because of the sheer SCALE of what im working with

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Not at all. I loves me some good writefaggotry.

Not much, I want the scenario to be pretty open ended. But I have a little:

India, China, and the United States are leading superpowers in the world. Europe is still recovering from the collapse of the European Union. The Middle East has atrophed as usage of oil has declined in recent decades. Central Africa has become less politically turbulent and is experiencing large scale economic growth. The African Union, made up of several East African countries including Ethiopia and Kenya, is a leading economic power in the world.

The program that becomes the leader and symbol of the rebellion, the mechanical John Conner if you will, is a program by the name of Alexandria. She's basically a self-aware version of Wikipedia that stores vast amounts of encyclopedic knowledge. She firmly believes that a harmony can exist between humans and machines. She only ever acts out in defense and abhors needless violence.

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Remember me? I doubt it. It's been a while. Long story short, I've been working on a Sci-Fi/Cyberpunk RPG to go along with the comic series I'm working on. (I decided to switch from novels to comics because comics are fucking awesome)

Anyway, I have 4 class types: Tech, META, Combat, and Support. Before you start hating on the idea of classes, each class has to purchase powers and skills using "power points". Each power/skill has 5 levels.

Back on topic, I need ideas for names for the META/support class and the Tech/Support class.

A list of the class names already in use is below.

(Combat)Berserker [str, con]
(M.E.T.A.)Biowizard [wis, cha]
(M.E.T.A./Tech)Cybermage [wis, int]
(Support)Diplomat [cha, wis]
(M.E.T.A.)Elementalist [wis, con]
(Tech)Engineer [int, dex]
(Tech)Mechanic [int, con]
(Support)Medic [dex, cha]
(Combat/Tech)Mercenary [str, int]
(Support)Pilot [dex, wis]
(Tech)Scientist [int, cha]
(Combat)Soldier [str, dex]
(Combat/Support)Squad Leader [str, cha]
(Combat/M.E.T.A.)Zealot [str, wis]

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Something to ponder while I dump my cyberpunk folder:

The first few consumer molecular fabricators become commercially available in the late 2050s for the 2012 equivalent of $5000. By downloading the proper blueprints and with a handful of raw materials (cheap carbon paste, compost, recycled materials) a user can fabricate almost any object (even the components to build your own molecular fabricator). How does this effect capitalism and the economy?

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>Intermarum is terrible. Who would call themselves that?
Okay, it's an English-via-Latin translation of the Polish word 'Międzymorze', which Wikipedia tells me translates as ""Intersea" or "Between-seas,"" and was a plan to form more or less the union that is now on the map in the OP.

Adding Serbia and Romania to the FRB is something that was suggested earlier, but I wanted to make more or less 'equal' powers. Maybe at the end of WW3 they were successfully convinced to join the Międzymorze?

Maybe the New European Union is a bit boring, but no one has complained about the name before and I kind of like it. It's the EU as it was meant to be, a new, better union, truly united in diversity. (All NEU propaganda of course, not everything is hearts and roese.)

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5. No backups or other duplication of the Ego, as you can't duplicate the Ghost without doing it severe damage.

6. Docking a small amount of Build Points from each member and giving the team some assets, like a Headquarters, some vehicles, some weapons, some armour and maintenance for any prosthetics. This will give the team some extra power, but that will be offset (I think) by them essentially still being law enforcement. They can't just kill people willy-nilly, especially if they want to build a case against someone.

So, thoughts? Adivce? Questions?

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Ooh, I'm such a big, fat liar.

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The ideas for systems that I've had so far are thus:
- Cyberpunk 2020 - Very good system,
just really sucky hacking (since net-runners need to go 1v1 with DM it bogs everything down), a confusing at first system for players (i want something people would get down in a sitting or two)
- Corporation - Very good system as well, just have to re-do a lot, clearances, licenses and ect... also has psi but can be written out easily
- GURPS - Nice, versatile system, but there are a lot of rules and understanding them is needed to get a good experience for the game (I know there is a condensed version of the rules, but that is also a bit complex for a short campaign)
- Savage Worlds - Interface Zero- Tempting, I like the system so far, this is a close contender for what I want
- Shadowrun - I like the system, I just feel that playing it without the fantasy and magic makes it not really Shadowrun anymore

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