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I'm looking into building a series of 10 extremely low-power commanders for an absolutely idiotic idea that involves combining Pentagram and/or Kingdoms with Planechase, as well as Rivals of Ixalan if there's a way to force that to work with five players.

Because this will naturally be as lolrandumb as an Un-Conspiracy-Pauper cube or some other unholy abomination, I've decided I may try to prebuild decks that are far weaker than usually playable, but still reasonably fun to pilot.

Looking to represent all 2-color combinations under different commanders, and here's what I have in mind so far.
>Daxos, Gwafa, or Lavinia
>Taigam, Sidisi's Hand or Dralnu
>Neheb or Tymaret
>Radha or Dragonlord Atarka
>Tolsimir or Mirri

>Vona, Kambal, or Vish Kal
>Jori En, Arjun, or Nin
>Glissa, Skullbriar, Ishkanah, or Rhys
>Munda or Adriana
>Kaseto or Vorel

The idea came about while I was dicking around with the idea of a Boros list and tried my hand at a quick Munda brew. I still haven't decided on any one commander for any color pair- if anyone's got suggestions, even if those suggestions are "neck yourself for trying this awful idea", I'd like to hear them.

Pic semi-related, as a reminder that there was a time I was so autistic I'd have probably tried to do custom commanders for this already atrocious idea. I'm pretty autistic still for trying this, but at least this time there'll probably be more beer and less 'tism.

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