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>didn't remove them 20 years ago despite heavy criticism about how bad it is mechanically
>removed now right after an astroturfed twitter outrage about racism
>"why do you find this so weird huh?"

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>kingdom's name refers to a state and not to the king itself

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This thread.

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I did say most, not all. I've always hated haunt.

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Wow I bet you're a smash riot to play cards with.

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You could watch AT in addition to those. It's a good show friend

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Was this thread really deserving of a sticky?

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>I myself have a gestalted wizard/artificer, wizard half is enchantment specced. Lv5. The moment I get to lv6, things will definitely start breaking the campaign cuz then I can start adding my metamagic feat to my wands with the cost of more spent charges. Tell me, when Reaching, Twinned, Repeated, and quickened is added to a Maximized, Empowered Wand of Touch of Idiocy, armies will fall without a single point of damage, :)

>The moment I get to lv6, things will definitely start breaking the campaign


>breaking the campaign

I hate to break it to you, but...

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Talking to your party is best OP.

Make sure beforehand that no one's feelings will be hurt if they come out on the bad end of some PVP.

Because PVP happens. It only happens if the DM and the participating players are absolute masters of storytelling.

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