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That mangling machine looks... steel. Those look like steel blades.

Are you sure you got the right guy, puppet dude? Because I don't think this is going to hurt me. You obviously put a lot of work into this, and I don't want to break your stuff, but if my arm arm goes into that slicer I can't be responsible for what happens next.

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Power level is honestly the least deciding factor when it comes to a boss. I've had as little as 3 PL 10s take out a PL 16 by using a nuclear Damage 16 and Weaken 16 Falcon Punch, but one of the players was very close to dying thanks to targeting some very weak saves. On the other hand, I've had combats which, if the players did not use their Hero Points I granted them by situational Complications, they would be in a straight TPK.

This is what the GM Guide in a nutshell says:
>1. If you're planning on having a singular mega boss, for the love of god give them Reaction and AoE attacks, especially the former
>2. If not going that route, then have some minions block off the heroes, it even gives rules on minions taking the hit and attacking of the PCs try to get past them on Reaction. If not minions,
>3. Let Villains use Hero Point benefits in exchange for giving the Players Hero Points afterwards.

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i'm watching this game of admech vs necrons

'decuryon' necrons seem super fucking bullshit to deal with, they just don't die.

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>GM or Player
DnD 5e
>Time availability
Flexible, usually sometime after 4pm CST
>Text or Voice
Voice preferred
>Contact Information
UncleBaner on Roll20
>Additional Information
I'm a novice role player and currently running a group of novice players as well. We're taking a break until we can find a quiet spot to have consistent games, so I'm hoping I can use this time to get a little more experience.

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>[ ] Custom

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Agreed, but it was modified at some point to house the bell tower of the bell keepers. Both that area and the iron keep guard the bells that represent forbidden love. the only important female figure in the bastille is the lost sinner, and the prince of the iron keep married Mytha and became the iron king. His father owned both areas, but then they were divided into the two kingdoms of alken and venn after he married Mytha, shunning the princess of one of the sub states. They still loved each other, so they built the bells and created the puppets that still guard them to this point in the story.

It also stands to reason that where you find gwyn's soul fragments beneath the earth would be close to where the kiln was located. If you wanted to recreate the first flame, that's where you would try to do it right?

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Ate an entire forest full of poison berries and lived

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You tried and FAILED

Just note me and we can work something out, Moods are for Cattle and Love play. I've only ducked out of a RP once because of mood - which reminds me I still owe Cale halfling lewds. I WILL GIVE YOU THOSE LEWDS, CALE.

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the second, or no role-play. He enjoys the game for the numbers and combat, while the other is a gigantic ass based on your depiction of him.

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I hope you're not implying anything about our Lady Gywnavere

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Too bad the Havel "The Dwayne" Johnson would slap your shit.

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Gentlemen, I have returned, and it seems that I must call upon your considerable expertise again. You spoke of this above, and it did cause us to discuss the affair: The time period of the core setting.

I have conferred with my colleagues, and have agreed that we would do well to investigate a core historical setting set a bit further ahead in time, in the 14th or 15th century.

The question is, if we were to move our focus for the core game to the 15th century, where would we focus? Obviously we don't want to leave anywhere in Europe out, but what conflicts draw the eye? The fall of Constantinople? Maybe some Polish/Teutonic Order conflict? (kind of late for the fun Lithuanian stuff though.)

Since it's worked so well for us before, why don't you tell us what you feel deserves focus. The Crusades are very easy to relate to, but they're also sort of 'done,' if you get me, so we're willing to look at other options, but we want some good historical drama to draw upon in addition to cool weapons and armor.

Also, we're not daunted at all by the prospect of having firearms be a core assumption of the game, we're not... You know... The sort of mooks who think that all plate armor vanished into the ether as soon as gunpowder made an appearance. So, don't be afraid to pitch, your opinions have been consistently useful.

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I see monk as Jackie Chan in terms of mobility, but more like Kenshiro in terms of offense, if we are going with referances. id prefer to be able to have almost super human strength and/or durability with my unarmed attacks, so I can pull off all the cool wall busting, jaw breaking, and pile driving I have always wanted to do.

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>your argument is invalid, i feel no pain

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This is how I 10/DR

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The Village
The Armor
The Belt
The Doctor
We will enforce the laws of justice within these blighted lands! THE SAVIORS OF THE WASTES!
The Mad Scientist
The Vikings
The Cultists

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are you literally retarded

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I think I love you.

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