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From the archive.

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Hello newbies, welcome to 4chan.

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A favorite of mine.

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Because it's what they know. Like it or not Necromancers in the past have done shitty things. Now don't get me wrong, most practitioners are more or less good and mostly law abiding same as everyone else just doing their best to preserve old traditions and obscure knowledge. That's fine. Admirable even.

Then you get the one in a thousand nut job. The thing about manipulating the scythe and hand of Death is that when someone goes bad with it they don't just go bad, they go all manner of horrendous. A pyromancer can only make a big fire but a necromancer of sufficient skill and malevolent intent can cause a level of destruction of which has no easily discernible upper limit.

People remember when whole nations that covered half a continent vanish over night.

Is it fair for the small businessman just trying to get by? No it isn't. Life is unfair. You have to just deal with it or go mad and become the reason why life is unfair for the rest of us.

There is no power greater than Death, to have such power it is only right to be held to more exacting standards.

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Very yes.
So yes.

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I came here to post this.

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Right, well, it seems no one else has posted pic related so I suppose it's up to me.

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Tell me /tg/, in a thread full of non-traditional necromancy, why do you fail to include The Caretaker as inspiration?

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How the fuck hasn't the Caretaker been posted?

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I trend towards Clerics usually.

I like the faith aspect without the stereotypical strictness of the Paladin. I can also usually make gishes which again fits in with the Paladin idea by mixing martial ability and divine magic, but without the zealotry. My favorite concept is the Good Necromancer and cleric does the idea of Gravekeeper/Undertaker better than a more arcane source like Wizards, Sorcerers, or Warlocks.

They just offer so many distinct options, and that class alone can hit all the aesthetic and mechanical archetypes I enjoy.

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We already done this at least once.

Jolly Old Man and the line of Caretakers are LG as can be.

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I don't really want to use roll20, it's too cumbersome for my taste.
Is there any online tool that allows u to
- draw freely
- import an image as background
- let other users draw on it
- manage permissions


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