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Tell me about it.
I do reply to most people, it's only polite.

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Not in my brown girls file, apparently.

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Or we become the witch queen of the world.

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I don't know how many times I've used this as a profile pic

Kudos to anyone who plays a lady

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Victory is mine!

Time to sleep!

Picture unrelated!

Of Inquisitors and Cadets

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Praise doge

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Well she feels bad about her current plans to betray the her friends.Shes still going to do it. But she'll feel bad about it.

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Aww, but I like it when they crawl.
Regardless your use of language is disgraceful and shows your utter disrespect to everyone else here, it takes an extra 10 seconds to type things out properly as to make them more readable, which is damn important considering the about of people here who don't speak English as a first language.
This isn't Facebook or Twitter, don't treat it like them.

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Dhampir, nigga

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Is this thing still active? I happen to have a female Lady-Admiral (self-titled) drunken (rumored) lady-of-adventure (self-appointed) Rogue Trader in need of a proper re-design. I have some reference pictures to back me up as well.

Pic related. The picture that inspired the character in the first place.

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You sir, just made my day. My sides filled with candy.

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Thank you kindly. Browsing through it, the folio is a very stylish thing. While I don't necessarily need a piece of paper to jut my character's backstory down on, doing it in such a folio sure makes me want to. The problem I found was that not only was there no page index, but the layout was somewhat disjointed. The character section is followed by the ship section, then the combat action section and then cybernetics. Personally, I'd have made them into distinct chapters to keep things neat and to the point. I would also suggest making the folio editable. Not only can you write it up on the comp, but you can print it out with a nice font too.

Also, I sure as fuck can't quote today. Look at that mess up the page. Eeeeugh.

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Pictured: Flawless Rogue Trader.

Aspyce Chorda confirmed for God-tier waifu material.

A close second appears.

Bad art, plz go.

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Ever RP as a classy lady?

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Op it sounds like its time to run CandyLand the rpg.

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Only the classy brown girls in here.

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