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Huh... I had no idea.
We're talking WH Fantasy beastmen here, right?

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Say, would you be ok if someone whipped out his Beast models and said they used the rules of Orcs'n'Gobbos?
I'm asking, because i REALLY like their models, but their rules are shitty shit. Plus, the Orc rule, whatsitcalled, the one that makes you attack yourself, fits Beastmen i think.

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I kill him and fill my RP with the following.

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Did someone call me "furry"?

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My rogue is now a BROWN GIRL WAT DO.

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>>15466839 (Wow, that's a lot.)

The days following are hectic indeed, but productive. But still, progress is being made, and Tzeentch advocates nothing if not progress.

Already it becomes apparent that you hold Tauresius in high esteem. Slowly, your orders funnel through his eloquent, though guttural, voice.

It seems as though the beastmen are already adept at training, or at least pointing, the spawn against their enemies. All but the ninth sage-spawn is vicious and volatile in battle, but you feel as if the circular abomination is intended for other plans. Really, it pleases you greatly how well the beastmen function without your input, as the bestigors are already establishing a chain of command. The spoils of the ship is readily spread through the warband, and while there is little in the way of armor or ranged weaponry, the axes and swords find good masters in the feral beast hands.

Perhaps the only true test is that of the slave's task of teaching the beastmen the finer points of seamanship. Hour after hour, you see her grimace and beat the hapless ungors and unfortunate gors that have been given her to train. While little progress is being made there, you haven't seen her this happy since you were being put under personal pain yourself.

A full week has passed, and you are more prepared for whatever action you will take. What to do now? (2d12 and action, first four rolls considered)

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You laugh at your slave, mocking the nasty slaver who loses her stomach at such a simple display. It seems your taunt drives home and she looks down in shame, trying to steel herself against the smell.

Looking at the herdstone, a few ideas happen upon you, but for now you decide it would be much more in line with the thoughts of the Raven God to acquire as much knowledge about the stone before acting.

You look around, seeing a perfect hollow tree stump in a hideous oak. You push your slave into the trunk and find that you both can fit comfortably in the trunk while still being perfectly hidden.

Roll a d5 to see what happens next. Only the first roll will be taken, no need to add any sort of actions or whatever.

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More and more came and soon the beast-things were quickly amongst the armoured shield wall of iron, leaping and loping of arms and heads of the dwarven shield walls, Bogrik tried to hold his own, the beardling Hagor beside him back to back fought against the giant heavily muscled beastmen, they wielded axes and falchions along with rusted cleavers, blades and spiked maces and morning-stars with wooden or steel shields, some were even armed with looted dwarven weaponry.
The sight of which angered and infuriated Bogrik; do these thagi have no honour? Bogrik wondered as he hacked another beast from shoulder to waist.
He cut down a dozen beast-things before he was barrelled to the ground by a small horned beast which had blindsided him, Bogrik swung his axe upwards gutting the beast and kicking it away from him, the beast bled and squealed as it died, he got to his feet and greeted another running Beastman with his throwing axe between its horned head and neck.

Hagor beside him swung up his shield and knocked a beast backward as he expertly swung his axe leftward cutting an attackers feet from under it. He swung the shield right and knocked another beast of its feet and followed it up with a downward axe strike on its head.

His warriors held despite the pressure of the assault, the caravan was secured as another group of dwarf warriors joined him and despatched the last of the beasts about him. Bogrik roared in triumph as he landed the hammer into a dying beasts head.
Finding a brief respite in combat Bogrik surveyed the carnage about him, the beasts were pouring through the woods in droves but the attrition rate was high for the dwarfs. For every two beasts killed another dwarf warrior fell, he saw at least a dozen dead dwarf bodies strewn next to the lead caravan, last of the Thunderers were either dead or hauled from within the caravan by the beasts who had overcome the defences another group of beasts were drawing a second wagon away into the woods.

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Ok, so any beastmen players here want to rate and help fix my list? I might run it in a tournament for fun, but who knows.
Hero: (25%)

Wargor w/ Light Armor, Gnarled Hide, Great Weapon - 106

Bray Shaman w/ Level 1 - 75 ( Will have beast Lore, signature spell for uber buffs)

Gorebull w/ Heavy Armor, Battle Standard Bearer - 193
Core: (48%)

29 Gor w/ Full Command, 2 CCW - 257

25 Gor w/ Full Command, 2 CCW - 225

Tuskgor Chariot - 80

Tuskgor Chariot - 80

Tuskgor Chariot - 80


25 Bestigors w/ FC, Banner of Swiftness - 345


Spawn of Chaos - 55

I Feel like I might drop the spawn and a chariot and add in more gors, probably for an ambushing unit. Comments please! :D

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