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not the replier, but I think this is the only way to defeat Godzilla.

and even then I wouldn't be sure if it would work.

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oh fuck it's disgusting

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in battle fleet khronus a whole entire planet was rendered uninhabitable because a cruiser suffered plasma core exploded while crashing into the planet. to give you an idea.

Mega meta torpedo, virus bombs, Glassing a planet with capital weapons, and chaos shenanigans all can destroy a world.

A mass effect style rail gun would only count as orbital bombardment.

if you need to do anything crazy just say the enemy found a device from the dark age of technology.

here is a cut seen for exterminatus. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h67JpMyrOVE

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....so, we actually gonna submit to the demands of the proto-Eldar, or we gonna stand up and strike a blow for mankind?

As for salting Earth: I think Exterminatus works better than some pesky minerals.

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One simple solution...


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Isn't it obvious?

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I'd think the solution is obvious, considering my party is part of the Inquisition...

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Just what this demon calls for.

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I wish it ended this way

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"Can I have my clothes back?" The human Derrick asked, covering himself with one of the guns. Raz'tiki nodded and chittered at an aide to get the faux exoskeleton. Derrick dressed quickly.
"So, human? May we ask you some questions pertaining to you and your people?"

Derrick was a little taken aback and ashamed. He had inadvertently slain several of the guards and then proceeded to scare the living daylights out of the rest of the crew. He set the guns on the table after the researcher centipede (Rafiki or something...) asked his question.
"Look, Rafiki..."
"Yeah, whatever. I can answer some of your questions easily enough, but I am by no means the smartest individual of my kind. Maybe, uh, make contact with some of the higher ups. But, well... there's a few 'unstable' ones I have to warn you about."
The buglike creature blinked. "How do you mean?"

This thing really had no idea what waited in store for it.

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Obviously. Start with Gem, continue to the nearest Shadowlands until none are left in the south. You are now free to mine the wyld and bring the south back to the first age.

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