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In the past, have you passionately padded your PAs with more palatable PAs for your passive PAs to pass, pal?

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C17 is only 11 months away! Let's make baseless speculations so we can screencap and see how wrong we were when the time comes!

>Allied Colors (finally)
>Commander gimmick will be some flip/transform effect that relates to the theme of the deck
>W/G will be Innistrad human token tribal and will feature some Heron's Grace champion. It will be comparable to C14 Green. It will include Parallel Lives, Second Harvest, Sigarda 2.0. The commander transformation will be some massive anthem effect.
>G/R will be something from Zendikar and will feature ramp/big creatures and will mostly be picked apart for Xenagod (who will be in the deck) and Omnath decks. The transform effect will have something to do with manlands. Raging Ravine will not get a reprint.
>R/B will be from Amonkhet and will be pain-themed. The commander will be expensive to cast and a pain to transform but will end the game quickly. One or both Ashlings will be included.
>B/U will be from Kaladesh and have some special Aetherborn with a mill effect. Oona and Phenax will be included and it will be the weakest of the set, comparable to C15 B/W.
>U/W will be some Azorius character and will be stax nofun. Due to some degenerate combo/synergy with the new commander, it will be the most powerful in the set. It will include GAAIV.

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>Roleplaying system hacks up various parts of history and mythology into a barely recognisable mess
>It gets popular and people with little to no interest in the subjects it takes from use it as a basis for their knowledge
>Years later, the system is treated as sacrosanct and has spawned its own bastard children
>Anyone trying to unfuck the setting or deviate from it to a truer form of its sources is ostracised
Fucking unimaginative hacks, am I right?

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>5 yo girl

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Question: Will the scans be posted in the new thread?

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>that image

when will this fucking meme die already jesus christ

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ran my first game of dnd

everything went okay until we got into combat. then everything was slow as shit because I implemented everything: players fought spidurs, I was calculating webs, monster attacks...it took like half an hour. I like 5e but damn does combat really slam on the breaks. What do I do?

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>device to turn off untouchable powers
>daemon possessing a pariah
What the fuck am I reading

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>Isn't it funny how state and generic are separated.
Yep, that's why I'm wondering if there's a separate sectorial that we don't know about, hidden in plain sight?

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I see

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Rolled 7, 3, 5 = 15


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How come so many people on F-List despise hub profiles? Is there something I'm not getting here?

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Good for you, shitburger, lemme go put it on the fridge next to the MILLION AND ONE OTHER REFERENCES 40K IS MADE OF.

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>mfw Young Pyromancer is selling for a dollar a piece

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>Anno Domini 2013
>not having every non-essential thing and location blowing up after they've been used or visited

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Oh boy, Plymouth-style honey dolphin vagina filet!


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>Elves question Celicia on 'what the fuck is going on with these ogres'
>Boss and Celicia, on break
>Scaratones' reaction to Ogir Place

... god this is like enough material for two or three threads' worth of bonus stuff

I should be able to get one or two done tonight, TIME TO GET CRACKIN'

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... also, yes, the picture is an extraordinarily accurate representation of the mysterious and strange metal implement lashed to her back.

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The day comes that you decide to use your [Goddess of Luck Intervention]

It will be the day that the entire world learns of the ogres

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>dat god hand
Don't get me wrong I've won with it often, but 2/3 of the other players run blue and red (insurrection, reigns of power, spell crumple, I could go on) and I don't have the money for all the $10+ cards. I usually bury death's shadow, gaea's revenge and wonder but they like their tormod's crypts and I can't always expect to have a counter or a trickbind.

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