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>fucking garbage.jpg

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OP's back again. Great to see the thread still alive and kicking with abominable stories of fellow players and GMs.

> I pass the book up to the guy with the pencil as a bookmark. He opens it, reads it, and says, "So, which one of you is the hired killer?"
Why? Just, why?
>Based on previous posts it's got about three more parts.
Excellent, I can't wait to hear more of this.

I just... Reading that GM performance feels bad. You did a good deed by warning the player base of your tha/tg/m's antics, anon.

As long as my players don't have a consent on bringing him back to the group, I'm not inviting him back. There's other people who could potentially join the game in his stead, should the need arise. Thanks for the positive reinforcement.

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