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It's cute because it's about guns, not original but their themes and histories are played well
especially with the british gun always breaking (the magazine saying 'sayonara' was adorable)

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I am also so hard right now and I feel absolutely no shame about it.

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If it's any consolation, they specified "would" fap to, not the actual act of masturbation.

I'm only aroused~

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To be perfectly clear, the only real contact we had with the outside world that first winter came in the form of Elfish arrows. There were a handful that ran into their waifus in the forests and wandered back after the Felim had arrived, but understand, most of them are not well liked or regarded, since they had essentially left the lot of them to die while they enjoyed the embrace of another.

To be saved before the Felim arrived is not outside of possibilities, but it isn't common. Furthermore, an Elf woman being the savior is even less likely (read up on the lore!), but in the event that this Fern isn't Elf... Oh goodness, look at the time~

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I like where this is going.

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