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Roll a d20 for the encounter, then another for stealth.

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I think Quests get the response they deserve. I like the little smart, clear thinking group we got here. keeps it tight.

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OOh! Nice work

This idea has potential.

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Raege is a COMMISSAR, and were she with you, you could just get her to OUT-SCARYWOMAN NEUNENHOFF or brandish a revolver at her and she would (bitterly) be co-operative. If YOU try and wave a gun at NEUNENHOFF, she will probably rifle butt you.

This area is clear. YAROSLAVAs stomach rumbles.

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Well, not for nothing, in this game you play as all the characters, you determine much of their actions. We can assume for this segment it is in fact Leokadia who is pressing the switches.

But it is YOU anon, as Leokadia who must crack the puzzle. So the pep talks are for you.

I believe in you anon.

The last 4 button pressed stay down.

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Sorry, slight GM bit. Just letting you know 3 very important things.

1. Seb can be killed, but it's hard. He's not really a big plot point. Just a petty irritant, and I guess and an example of what's going on here...kind of.

2. There is nothing interesting down here. Seriously. Chance encounter. Wouldn't have happened if you'd lowered the bridge normally. Pure chance.

3. The CAUSTIC RIVER, didn't even melt the can you put it in. It doesn't actually dissolve things that well. Certainly not before anything culd climb out.

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Oh, very well, have one more crack at it. You still have much to do in this episode, and between the power outtages here, and riding this threads autosage, I guess a second chance aint too much to ask.

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