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>He doesn't know how eccentric techpriests are
>He thinks they would all be uniformly interested in personally-dehumanizing efficiency projects

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How the fuck does someone join the the AdMech anyway? It seems like it would be the best alternative to whatever hell awaits you in civilian and guard life in 40k

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Hello I have only first found out about 40k a couple of months ago and enjoy exploring the lore that said I unclear on something and thought it wise to ask you kind people since your lives seem to revolve around 40k I know that at least some tech-priests (mostly higher ups from what I have seen so far) remove parts of their brain responsible for emotion do all tech-priests do this is this only reserved for the upper echelon is this only certain denominations how dose removing one of the things that make us human not conflict with the imperial truth?

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Remember, techpriests are very much human.

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I approve of your effort. I love your army, well painted. Thanks for the report.

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>Pungeons and Dragons
D&D crossed with competetive punning.

>Magic: the Fathering
A card game where you play as a man trying to beget and raise childred with various magical creatures.

>Eclipse Phrase
A game of linguistic drift, where you play as a disembodied spirit who tries to promote new phrases that replace the old.

>Dark Here y
You play a group of children trying to figure out why the lights went out

>Rogue Grader
A game where you take turns playing a rogue and the other player gives you a score. A third player audits the score (checking that it is fair). You get points for scoring well when it is your turn to play the rogue, and points for grading well when it is your turn to play the grader.

An expansion pack for Deathwatch designed for PvP competetive play

A game where you play a cheapass, trying to get things cheaply.

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AdMech jump would be cool...

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The orc will easily tear the child apart with his hands. Attacking it will enrage it, and so will taunting it. You decide to try for a more subtle approach.
You tell the orc that the child means nothing. You have him cornered and the commotion will bring the town watch. Dawn is not far away and when it comes, you are going to have a field day. The people of this land have no love for greenskins, despite what it might believe.
You go into detail telling it about how it is going to be tortured and how much it's suffering will be. It will spill all it's secrets and die.

It has the desired effect, even as you turn away from it, talking about nails, the Orc tosses the child at you with the force of a small projectile. You manage to catch her, but fall over the broken glass and have your night robes torn.

Pain erupts in your back and around your spine and neck. You are close to passing out as you watch the orc charging towards you. You try shielding the child but it is unnecessary. The orc leaps over your prostate form and bowls out of the window with a speed that is belied from it's bulk. You let go of the child and she begins wailing. A clatter of sound from the stairs warns you that Anna and her mother are running downstairs. The child runs to her mother's skirts and hugs her leg tightly. You slowly feel the world growing dimmer as you keep loosing more blood. The last thing you see before you pass out is Anna's face, her beautiful features lit up with concern. You mumble something inarticulate and let the darkness take you.

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Help me tg, should I Dark Heresy or Dark Heresy 2nd Ed? I've heard some pretty bad things about 2nd Ed and now I'm having doubts about the whole thing. What are pros and cons for each edition?

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Why did the Machine Spirit cross the road?

To get to the Omnissiah

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Adeptus Mechanicus is cuter!

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One deals large damage due to torpedoes. The other has faster rate of fire.

Ya damn right here.

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> that have some humanity left in their artificial hearts

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You WILL sound like a complete shill, especially if you plan on making money on your game.

However, there will still some people who give fair, constructive criticism anyway. I know I will. Post and let us see what you've got.

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The Zathras Clan originates in the Hive World [REDACTED] of the [REDACTED] sector. The family has a long history of service in the Imperial Guard, with every male member joining the force as soon as they come of age. The only Zathrasim who live on their homeworld are women and retired veterans, who work hard to produce new generations of troopers.

The Zathras clan has several genetic anomalies, the cause of which is still unknown. The most immediately obvious one is that every male member has the exact same face, but there are many more. Zathras men seem to stay healthy on even the meanest rations, can endure long marches without tiring, are immune to most diseases and feel no pain or fear. Zathras women, on the other hand, have a penchant for birthing in litters. If not for these useful traits, the Inquisition would have long since exterminated them all for the heresy of seeking forbidden knowledge.

Thought for the day: Be strong in your ignorance.

Zathras men all have an inquisitive mind, combined with a complete lack of self-preservation. When some idea pops into their minds, the Zathrasim will stop whatever they are doing and discuss it. This can be troublesome if it happens in the middle of the battlefield. For this reason, all Zathras units have an attached Commissar. Zathras officers are useless because they have the same mental defect as the troops, and officers imported from other regiments rarely last long: only the iron will and brutality of the Commissariat can keep the troops marching forward and shooting. Because of their mental defect, the Zathras have no qualms about asking their Commissars the questions that most Guardsmen would not dare to so much as think about in his presence.

SPECIAL RULES: [Spoiler]I never played 40k, so wait until the rulebook downloads before I bullshit something up. Feels No Pain and Fearless would be a start, balanced by a table that you roll each turn to see what havoc the latest question to the Commissar caused.

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So what?

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OK, I'll go on with Vulkan action tomorrow. Keep bumping and posting. Have this pic. for goodnight.

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Lies and Slander!!!

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