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That is similar to how flight rocks work in the edge chronicles, but with the temperatures reversed.

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Every plant and creature can and will kill you, possibly by accident and often in horrifying ways. Being torn to shreds and eaten alive is possibly one of the less gruesome ways of dying. The nice ones have a reasonable chance of not actually being nice, or otherwise grow up and biologically become evil. Sometimes what little technology there is can just fucking breaks all across the world, rendering parts of the world unnavigable. The devil is real and he WILL chase you to the actual literal ends of the earth to kill you for no other reason then that you said his name. If you live in the deepwoods, you might be set upon by a swarm of wug wugs or something and the whole place will just fucking get eaten, and there just isn't anything anybody could possibly do about it. If you happen to live in basically the one city in the world, you have a good chance of more or less just being a slave, and if not, you still live in a polluted shithole where the most valuable currency is something to make water drinkable and every single sapient creature there will fuck you over. If you are lucky enough to be a sky pirate, you are basically required to have an evil teammate on board, because you have to have at least one person on board scummy enough to deal with the denizens of undertown, and him betraying you is a question of when, not if.
Even the land itself is hostile, god fucking help you if you stumble into the twilight woods, where stumbling off the edge of the world is easily the best thing that could possibly happen to you.

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>the edge chronicles
That's a name I haven't heard in a long time. I'd actually entirely forgotten what it was called and just remembered the maps and the art, thank you anon

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This was such a weird fucking series. Everything about it shouts that it should be aimed at very young children, but it is some of the darkest shit I have ever read.

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Edge Chronicles Game?

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