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Okay, so hear me out. Fixin' the Squats.

-They're not abhumans, they're a purposefully genetically modified slave-race
-They were built to be hardy, sturdy, and pragmatic and have almost no warp signature
-They're also built to be innovative technology-wise to solve their own issues without outside help
-They were sent ahead of colonies to build stations, mine for resources, and terraform planets
-Squats are a colloquialism and they have a much prettier sounding official name like 'Factum' or 'Robus'
-Age of Strife happens, most of their ships are stranded in a line a long the frontier
-Squats with nothing better to do than figure a way out of their predicament discover a way to tunnel into the Webway
-They use their crude but effective Webway tunneling to connect all their ships together
-They find a way to make pocket-dimensions around their ships, making nearly impenetrable strongholds
-Dark Eldar pick off Squats exclusively for a while which causes enmity between Squats and Eldar in general
-Emperor finds them when Age of Strife is over, refines their tunneling tech to make his own Webway Gate
-Squats want nothing to do with Imperium. Emperor plans to sort it all out (kill them) when this 'Horus Thing' is over with
-Squats stay reclusive and silently mine away different planets nobody else cares about
-Tyranid Hive Fleet shows up and they take a vote to close themselves up in the Webway
-They stay the fuck away until the Hive Fleet passes by
-Zipper's stuck

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So, I'm finally getting around to finishing me squat army, but now I find myself in need of a flyer model that looks thoroughly squatty. Does anyone know of a model that would represent this well? (I'm okay at converting, but I have no idea what to even start with in this case)

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>the ossified husk of an Enslaver
That's the only mention of them in all of Fifth-Sixth Edition isn't it?

There're as fucked as the Squats.

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There are also homebrew codexes for the Squats that work very well with the official new ones.

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So with squats having been mentioned in 6th edition giving them some what a come back I figured this would be a good time to ask this. What kind of army was the squats? Were they a swarm army, a shooting army, a close combat army, did they prefer vehicles or infantry? I joined the Warhammer hobby in 5th edition so I never played against them in any way so idk.

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Yeah brother, but why you post a necron codex of the retarded edition (3ed) and not GLORIOUS CODEX SQUATS from glorious 2ED?!

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Daily reminder that 40k will never be anything more then sci-fi pulp.

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The Squat Codex. People should totally start playing with this badass army again.

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What's /tg/'s opinions on Squats?

Personally I wish they were still around, I love Dwarves no matter how ridiculous they are... well as long as they still have beards.

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Good Evening /TG/

It's been a while in the making but the Squat Codex is finally finished its Vr3 iteration.
Lets start with an introduction, this Codex set out to do one thing: Provide a working codex for campaigns that is engaging, fun and unique to play and be easy enough to build if you have a Squat army from the days of olde.

This codex was a challange to build, making them unique enough so they have their own playstyles and present their own challanges has been tough, it led to me cutting away a good 1/3 of all the planned units. They play in a middle ground between orks and tau, Squats are heavy weapon specialists, they can put down the most dice of any other army, but the list is versitile enough to play a speedy elite army or even a powerfull artillary army, pinning the enemy and shelling them to pieces. They can deploy using hades siege drills, swallowing the enemies fortifications before assualting from bellow, or zip around the battlefield in non-dedicated transports.

As the last time I posted any input you guys have is more than welcome, this isnt a finished product yet. It still needs more playtesting for point adjustments and special characters need to be wrote up.

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And you thought Necrons was the next Codex. Looks legit to me.

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Since the other thread has reached the length that it's not bumping anymore, I'm creating a new Codex:Squats (fandex) thread.
For the old thread, it's here (until it scrolls off) >>13480642
And I think someone has archived it already.
The basics though are this. /tg/ is throwing around the idea of creating a full on Fandex (codex) for Squats to bring them back from the dead, and to then attribute to Matt Ward.

Since Matt is known for his blatant fanwankery, we should be able to get away with near ridiculous levels of brokeness of the Squats without raising too many eyebrows. But we're also trying to make the Squats a viable and interesting race to play once more.

Pic is a mockup of the proposed cover for this fandex.

Let the Squat fun continue.

Also, Hey, janitor, we need this stickied to the front page as a project for /tg/.

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