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Gentlemen, how do we give bolters the edge they deserve? Lately GW has been giving non-Imperium armies troop guns that completely overshadow the bolter, which was designed by the God of the known universe. It started with poisoned splinter weapons and continued with extra wounds causing tesla weapons, cover denying noise weapons sniper kroot rifles and now rending shuriken weapons. These are some of my ideas on how to bring the bolter up to speed:

1. Small blast markers. The bolter shoots small rockets that explode inside the target, so giving them small blasts would be ideal.
2. Bring back 2nd edition rapid fire. Let bolters shoot twice if the wielder doesn't move during the movement phase. Automatically shoot twice in overwatch.
3. Reflect the fact that a living God designed bolters in their rules. Have all bolters give +1 to hit with shooting, like dwarven handguns in Warhammer. Alternatively have all bolters be Master-Crafted by default.

What do you think, people of /tg/?

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Yes. I know a rogue who uses a halberd.

Now, just because YOU can use a certain weapon doesn't mean your character can. A rapier would require the 1H Edged skill, which as a rogue would be 5BP for a rogue. Now, that would only buy it for one hand- you'd need to buy it a second time to use your rapier in your offhand.

Now, while buying each weapon skill individually can be a pain, there are two skills that, while very expensive for starting players, are extremely useful: Weapon master (Allows use of ALL non-ranged weapons with one hand), and Style master (Allows Dual-wielding, wielding in either hand, and the use of a shield). I recommend getting Style master first, because it costs less BP.

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Do I need voice chat for your game?

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Im playing deathwatch for the 1st time this weekend.
Any tips/advice?

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You could DM for the Noob game if you wanted.
And if it starts up at some point

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It runs on energies and electricks. Shut them down.
It'll be interesting to see how your group will deal with it.

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Could the Emperor

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Moralfag thread detected

Commencing purge

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Bleh, does something in the Devastator squads's AI fuck up royally if you equip Avitus with a weapon that doesn't require setup? I gave him a missile launcher for a mission where I was to attack an Eldar Fire prism and the Dev squad spent the whole mission sucking and dying.

Be nice if I could find him a Plasma Cannon.

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We do not persecute them. We support them.
The Jedi are xenos sympathizers, they have been in league with the cowardly Tau since our first meeting.

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Normally, I would be quite enraged by this, but because the release is just a few days away, I'll let this slide. That being said, gtfo OP.
>ownessed ask

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hnnghhh i cant do this anymore

last thing ill say is, scientists cannot be narrowminded, they need collaboration and shit. the fact that he has scientists means he is not just piping them limited information, at least relatively speaking. people are studying the force, other people are aware of the study and the fact that it even goes on is enough impetus to make future force sensitives treat it as a studiable phenomenon.

re: second thing, plot armor has saved the republic too many times to count. if star wars were real life~ things would be different, because all those crises would have been genuine narrow misses, not tidily concluded stories shining with noblebright.

goodbye thread here is a picture of a space marine

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do space marines get mad pussy or what

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>Blast (2) Heavy Bolter

Well, that shit'll fuck up hordes (assuming it can get past their armor/tough), especially if the Devastator chose Unrelenting Devastation (and what devastator WOULDN'T? Immovable Warrior is decent, but fuck double damage against hordes?)

Let's see... theoretical maximum damage...

10 hits, each blast 2, meaning 2 horde damage each hit, an extra hit for Explosive damage, so 22 horde damage right there, doubled to 44 Magnitude by Unrelenting Devastation... Potentially 80+ if Explosive Magnitude damage bonus applies to each *HIT* not attack...

Fuckin hell.

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come get it fatty

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The Blood Angel Devastator was painted by my friend, who was kindly providing the bits I built them out of, the paint, and painting advice of varying usefulness.

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>As for the Organs, all of the ones covered in the background are there, most of which have their own rules, including the Omophagea, which allows you to attempt to gain knowledge from eating a part of an enemy. What info you get though is entirely down to the GM. In doing this, though, you can also gain a skill, chosen by the GM, that the enemy had, as an untrained Basic Skill for a number of hours equal to your Intelligence Bonus.

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i just realised i need to rename that previous one

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Yup. Thanks.

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Have a Blood Angels Devastator.

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