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Oh Gropey, why must you break my heart with your corrections?
I just wanted it to be a shotgun pistol, is that so much to ask?
I suppose I'll just have to settle for a Colt.

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I see Colt was also mentioned.
Behold the crowning glory of Ole Sam.

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Well, here's a real-life version.

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This thread is not over yet.

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I've been running several campaigns, the current one approaching 2 years of weekend get-togethers.

>>Psychics are broken as fuck against martial characters.
>>Magic is more broken than psychics.
>>Properly equipped fighters rape mages with their dual-wielded, +10 swords of teabaggery
>>If the players outnumber the enemy, get ready for focus fire. If the enemy outnumbers the players, it's a target rich environment.

In all seriousness, it gets a lot easier when you learn to skip the combat table.

Also, don't allow guns more complex than a revolver.

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Why do you need FANCY when you can go for HUGE?

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Because fuck you.

That's why.

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Because fuck you.

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>This is a joke right?
Samuel Colt never jokes.

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Real one

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Can ya step?
No. No you can't.

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Can ya step?

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