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>being good at melee is all about chapter traits
Dude. Just fucking pick. Most units are ratio based on points to deadliness for their selected capabilities. The mutts do decent in areas that specialists could barely beat them on so often pick the mutt.

Mentors are humanitarians much like Salamanders and certain companies of Space Wolves. (Seriously space wolves convicted and executed entire regiments that friendly fired on civilians MID WAR)

While other chapters/legion-ish types (space wolves all adhere to their companies of legion days, the first wolf company calls everyone WILL answer like a legion) to black templars that still somehow get away with being 8k marines where they should be 1k.

Doom eagles are like the death korps of krieg, they believe themselves dead before they die.

Then there are the funky mofos like Revilers that boarder on chaos as an experiment of extremist inquisitors that want to use chaos against itself. Raptors used to be in that boat too. Something about the Raven Guard that makes GW writers want to fuck with them because NEVERMORE.

But seriously I would just make up my own chapter. I would never use any of the existing color schemes.

Pic related what I think of most chapters.

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Halo spartan is the one hero of many, equiv of a SM commander in stats at least in the skills and initiative.

The chainsword shows that his adversary is a sergeant at best, which means he strikes after spartain.

The spartan has a power weapon. So it's pretty obvious who wins.

Pic related.

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a cookie for you

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Ass backwards always confuses me.

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