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From your game of Rogue Traders? What career?

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No Rogue Trader thread in catalog.

I'm starting a game soon and need all the inspiration I can get. Pics, storytime, etc.

Also, I don't really have a handle on the rules yet, but here's the thing: I feel like the PCs are super bad at everything. I mean. RT is supposed to be about being a high-powered space badass, right? Buying and selling planets, building trade empires, blowing the shit out of things. But given the regular method of generating stats, they seem... well... pretty incompetent. Like, someone who has one very high characteristic at chargen might have it at 50. Well, my guys went ahead and got a Veteran crew for their starship for 15 SP, so all the NPC crew members have an effective 50 in EVERY characteristic. This leaves me wondering what the incentive is for the PCs to ever do anything themselves when they're the least competent people on the ship.

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