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or this

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Final form

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Well ... I dare not say it. I dare not ...

... but we could enclose the helm and the rockets within the pauldrons, thereby creating an armor which presents no vulnerabilities beyond the weapon access portals and, perhaps, viewing ports, which would be required.

However I've encountered a difficulty. The tech-scriptures demand that as pauldrons expand so must boots. However, if the pauldrons are to contain the boots, the pauldrons must expand in size at a greater rate; this is techno-heresy, brother.

I have attempted to implement these improvements and correct for the impurities by allowing sufficient boot growth.

Purity seals added to indicate purity.

Note: Rockets extend from inner backback rather than being integral to boots, because the feet must be free for potential kicking without being constrained by controlling the direction of propulsion.

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