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Hey /tg/, I've been lurking for a while (although I am a bit of a newfag, still), and I recently discovered Rubyquest. I've read through all of the old threads on sup/tg/, and I read all of Stranded in Fantasy on 1d4chan, and I'm feeling really addicted to all of this reading. Are there any other epics in the history of /tg/ worth reading?
pic unrelated

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I sure hope gw buffs snipers now that herohammer is in full swing.

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>This entire thread
>choosing 3.5e when death is a viable option

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Unfortunately, /pol/ does not care where shitposts are created, on that they are created.
They have coaxed us into their /pol/itical realm!

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>what is catalog
It seems you made it here unfortunately

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I can understand that double standards are unfair, but I am not sure if anyone, even whites, would get away with sudden movements that would look like a gun draw. Not to mention that this guy is likely from a neighborhood that has a significant amount of law-breaking and violence-resorting folk. Even if it's racist to assume he might be one of them with the most likely reason being his ethnicity, it's still not very smart to mess with a cop, especially one pointing a gun.
I can see people getting angry at cases of clear police brutality, or even ambiguous cases where everyone without a strong political bias wants to know the truth of the situation, but this does not seem like a case of police brutality to me, at least not one that warrants much, if any, of a protest.

That's where things get tricky. The police practices of greater scrutiny of African Americas in certain neighborhoods can be argued as justified, but it's still an unfair practice. I am not sure how widespread police brutality actually is because of how individual cases have gotten so much attention, but it really sucks when the citizens and the law enforcement don't trust each other, so it creates this vicious cycle where one sees the other as the bad guys when it shouldn't be that way.

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Perhaps a sundering cataclysm that causes Faerun (or whatever continent, really) to come crashing down on the underdark, collapsing the massive caverns and flooding all of its caves with seawater. Civilizations uprooted, there is little law in this now ruined society. The few drow that survived did so because they were in hunting parties or had business above the surface.
Now it's the wild west and drow samurai clash with battle-weary knights guarding the ruins they once called home. It's not the end of the world, and it certainly isn't an apocalypse: there are relief efforts and settlements cropping up in the few places untouched by "The Shattering", but it's more or less lawless wilderness for a few decades.

Now I have a new setting to jot down...

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>nobody cares about pauper
>especially not wizards
At least they will never fuck with it

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Where the fuck are the pictures of fantastic pharaohs? Glowy motherfuckers with gold and colored cloth and shit.

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