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I hope you know you've inspired me a bit, being older and professional, and having had such an awesome game.

Though this might just be the King Goblin talking

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Bump, for landships

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In the context of creating steampunk nations - France, Germany, Japan, etc. there's one I want some advice on.
Well, one possibly two.

The US civil war was (I think) the first war with steam engines/ships, telegraphs, air balloons, automatic weapons, ironclads and submarines.
A good place for steampunk technology to develop.

However I know that if you try and discuss alternate ACW outcomes you will summon a horde of angry americans who will argue about it. As I'm not american and not so opinionated on the issue, I have some questions

So I'm wondering what to do with the US in creating a steampunk world.
My thoughts are to have the war end much more amicably than it did, with the CSA and the USA both existing, neither massively wrecked.
Needless to say this requires the CSA to have a few more advantages than it did IRL
(I'd start with Davis or Lee taking up López's offer in 1849 to annex Cuba, and increase British and French support massively)

This gives the US a reason to be more expansionist outside of the mainland and creating a cold war between the "Americas" that spurs on technology like the Cold War did.

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I've read cyberpunk, though not as much as I'd like.
I've certainly read Neuromancer.
It was fantastic.

I'm all for wondrous technology that makes us look at the ever-changing human condition.

I still want to run over punks with my landship in the name of the Empire.
The little guy has his place, but he's no hero

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