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I'd like a LARP where instead of boffing people you just wear proper padding and armour and beat the shit out of each other.

Like that one copypasta where the writer faced a russian who gave him the chopped off tip of his little finger afterwards as a trophy of valour.

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Mission year 450

Previously on Chiron: WAR

Mangland was destroyed in an orgy of violence, accused by the demon blooded Hakaran of stealing his magic and destroying his homeland with a hijacked death ray. Cast to the winds the people of Mangland live on, hidden, but crippled.

Just as things finnaly calmed down, cyborgs from earth struck the planet!...And got their asses kicked. In a desperate sucide manuver they unleased an energy storm that would destroy chiron tottaly!...Had the People of Logos not saw fit to repair the damage done with their new weather control device.

Honestly you have to wonder why they bothered to even try.

Global tech level is 6, the "neo-"colonial era. If you have less than 30 total research you are in the Renaissance, if you have more than 35 you are in the early industrial era (a.k.a 1800s to 1900's)

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Bloody savages.

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Actually, Captain. We're really rather sure he misplaced his combitool and accidentally hit the emergency venting switch.

..really rather distasteful. Having the serfs clean the remains off the hull was nauseating.

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Gentleman officers.

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Fantasy of a more civilized time

So I have a mind to make a fantasy setting that is based in a time period similar to early 19th century Europe. So lots of fancy dress, lots of cold brutality, suffering poor, filth, adventure, and a sense of wonder.

for inspiration I'm looking at Les Miserables, Vanity Fair, the War of 1812, and Fable III. What else should I look at? What should I look into?

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