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Anyone else think that at this point 40k might work better using D12 and increased caps on armor and such?

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Let me fix that.

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>Do the players know this guy is the villain?

>Playing in 40K setting for clarifications sake.
Yeah, they should. He's slated to arrive next session. Basically he's a Demon Herald for a huge gribbly about to be summoned (but the players don't know that, they just see this Demon going on about "IDS HABBEDING!").

I do like >>29538401's
>The villain is deliberately training the players
Sort of like "perhaps these vessels will be suitable offering" so he trains them up, slowly giving them Corruption Points over time and mutating/sacrificing them when he has enough power to summon the gribbly.

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>The BBEG is a fertility goddess

What might her master plan be?

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