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hollow earth and concave earth are two different things.

with hollow earth, the earth is still a ball floating in space, it's just a hollow ball. they still recognise we live on the outside surface of the earth, but claim there's an inside surface on the other side of the crust.

with concave earth, the "earth" effectively composes the entire universe, with space (and all the planets and stars) floating in the middle of the planet, with what we recognise as the "surface" of the earth being the inside surface, and when we look up toward the sky we're looking toward the center of the earth.

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This is not news.

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No shit she isn't. The stupid elf is gouging the draenei's eye out with her chin.

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Lies! Everyone knows that oil rigs are actually just elevators for the liquid inhabitants of Agartha to reach the surface and dominate all mankind with their squid-like appendages.

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