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Think in terms of horizontal progression (more options) than vertical progression (more power to do the same things they already do).

I love giving my players the chance to invest in new services--blacksmiths that can make weirder stuff, dubious alchemists, contacts, more space at the inn to produce more hireling options, paying cash to entice more merchants to show up who will pay extra bonus top-dollar for extremely specific kinds of treasure...

Anything that converts cash into more chances to make interesting choices is generally going to do well for you. Go out of your way to come up ways your game and world can change--at least locally--based on how players dispose of treasure.

Hell, one of my players had their PC, a former bandit, get blind drunk and dump a bunch of treasure in the wilderness as a sacrifice to the god of good fortune...and why the hell *shouldn't* that lead to a priest of that god showing up soon-ish? And so forth.

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