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>Stalking alone through the enemy's territory with no support to gather valuable intelligence for your side

>Hiding in a giant mob so big, there's little chance you'll actually get hurt
>Not cowardly

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>That picture

I feel sick every time someone posts it. If half the models were unpainted and there was a shoddy cardboard titan in the background, it would sum up everything that's wrong with the average Apocalypse game. The teams don't even make sense, there's like pure IG on one side, and IG, Marines and Orks on the other.

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>Open hands, not bonded to their bio-weapons

A nice picture, ruined. Why didn't the artist just use Genestealers if he wanted something to be grasping and clawing at the bodies?

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>Working with metal models on a cutting mat
>Accidentally spill superglue
>Lean over to get a paper towel
>Hair isn't tied back, dangles in glue
>Lean back again, hair stuck in the glue, mat gets pulled with it
>Models get flung everywhere and break

Superglue calamities thread?

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Jonah and Thaddeus both seem to have sort of tragic hero ends (or at least Thaddeus thinks he was), Tarkus's ending is just...sad, and Avitus seems too obvious.

I'm going to guess either Jonah or Thaddeus, possibly Tarkus, but for seem reason everyone seems to think Avitus is going to be the canon traitor.

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