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“Do you want to go first?”

Robin pauses. “I-I don’t know. I can, if you don’t want to.”

“I don’t mind either way,” you tell her. You’re always eager to go, but you can wait for your turn.

“Well, I can if you want, but I don’t want to do it just because you think I want to change it up.”

“No no. I just thought-”

Vance just pats you both on the back. “We’ll be here all day.” He gently pushes you forward.

Robin smiles, appreciating the help. She runs up and gives you a quick kiss on the cheek, then a subtle pat on the butt. “Good luck!”

Wow. Well, you’re glad you two still have the magic going after the honeymoon phase.

“Welcome!” The figure on the other end spins and gestures. “Wait!”

You and your friends freeze. He starts pointing.

First to you. “Bi.”

Then to Robin. “Lesbian. Slightly curious about boys and open to trying things out, but plaid wearing for life.”

She turns red.

Then to Jeanine. “Opposite. Straight, but a little curious. Digging the dong except on special occasions.” Jeanine uncomfortably covers her chest, like that will somehow help.

Then to Vance. “Aww, you’re no fun. Straight... but I bet dollars to donuts, which I’d totally cheat on my diet for right now, that you spend more time checking out a man’s anterior tibial enough to make him uncomfortable in a changing room.”

“Uh,” Vance is caught off guard.

“And...where did she go?” Alex looks around. You see Clair hiding behind a small wall near you.

“Even I can’t pin people down that quickly,” she whispers to you. “Alex isn’t even psychic.” She looks scared.

>Hey! That’s really inappropriate! What the hell, man!
>Compliment Alex’s perceptive skills
>Let it go. Get ready to battle
>Point our Clair so he/she can do her too!
>Something else

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It seems like you’re the only person that saw Meloetta in the bushes when Fennekin ran off.

“Father!” Beatrix puts her hands on her hips, above the puffy rump of her dress. Somehow it seems much more fancy when she does it. “Sister caught that Fenniken without a Pokeball and you made it run away! You must have it brought back immediately!”

Concern creeps onto his face. “Beatrix, ‘sister’ is a bit premature...”

“It’s getting away, Father!” She completely ignores his cautionary tone. “Quickly! Send the guards and servants.”

>Let them send people after Fennekin. It went that way!
>It’s okay. Besides, you have a feeling you might see her again
>You’ll go get her. Be right back!
>Something else

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