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Everything always needs more artillery

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Oh I know, I like it a great deal, but I know some people get upset with him for not 'doing 40K right'.

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Dont have any more? THEN WRITE MOORE DAMMIT!
Unleash that artillery men! Send any Xenos running!

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>places supreme faith in the space maroons
>doesn't acknowledge the millions of guardsmen who fight and die protecting the Imperium every day

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I don't know if you've heard, but if this does well we may be seeing more "reaching out," as well as new blood.

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Very well then.
I also like this idea, should be cool. If I do it to all the officers as well as the sargents it will fit right in.

However their new poses need to be dynamic, lets have thread of badasses. Strictly /tg/ or otherwise. Pictures of people in bad-ass poses.

Double points if it's 40k IG.

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