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>inhuman visitors from a fantasy realm appear suddenly
>their physiology is different to the extent where they can't even wear the same clothes as us, but all our diseases can still interact with them
>they've built up no immunity to these diseases whatsoever and are killed en masse
>miraculously, we're apparently immune to all diseases they may have brought along themselves, and our medicine works on them, despite how insanely different these beings are, so none of us are killed by a sudden influx of foreign diseases


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>Abaddon has a whole fleet of ships far superior to anything from the DAoT
>he STILL can't get through Cadia

Holy shit Abaddon how are you this retarded?

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>The Major

Are there really people who still cling to this theory?

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>feeding, raising, and controlling a dangerous magical being for years and years - all for the sake of a oneshot weapon that might not even work and could easily be captured to be used against you

That is not how you run an effective military.

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>Wrong. Specifically stated in the last session that our FTL comms was state-of-the-art when we left drydock, and so can provide near-instantaneous communication to anywhere in the galaxy.

So a planetary-based military installation equipped with surface-to-orbit weaponry, a shielding system, and a reactor big enough to power the whole shebang has a less powerful commo rig then we do?

I think it's time to turn off the computer, crack open a beer and pop in that DVD I rented. "Hobo with a Shotgun." Direct, unrefined, but powerful in it's simplicity. True cinema.

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