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This is how I alien.

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The Madman.

I've run that one, and it was one of the most disappointing scenarios I've encountered for CoC. I think it's main problem was there was never any way to understand what the Mi-Go were up to or why they killed the PC's friend. You just show up and blow them away. :/

Lets suppose the Mi-Go have an interest in this town, maybe they've reached a critical mass of collaborators and are now wanting to run behavioural experiments on the citizens to see how they react.

All kinds of strange events are happening at night, with the Mi-Go flitting around the roof tops observing (The town has very inadequate street lighting, because the official collaborators keep it that way).

The Brotherhood of The Yellow Sign (BOTYS) become aware of this, but don't want to confront the Mi-Go's proxies directly, so ensure a copy of The King In Yellow comes into the possesstion of the painter, while also steering him towards creation of a masterpiece that will cause the town to merge with Carcosa.

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You only really need the core book, it has several short adventures in the back.

If you want full campaigns, Horror on the Orient Express and Shadows Over Innsmouth are pretty good.

You can get plenty of advice and free goodies like music and adventures at yog-sothoth.com. They're great folks. The site even has adventure playthrough podcasts you can download.

As for GM advice, see above. Atmosphere and a slow buildup of mystery and confusion are important. Don't reveal the monster too early. Don't have more than one monster during your beginner adventures, overcrowding reduces the shock value. Wittle down your PC's sanity slowly then hit them with a big blast of horror. Then let them regroup and try to solve the problem somehow.

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Given that Mages, even starting ones, would be an order of magnitude more powerful than clerks, ex-soldiers and professors, this might be tricky.

The monophobia adventures might be worthwhile.

I heard good things about The Horror At Red Hook too.

Otherwise go to yog-sothoth.com and ask those fine, friendly gentlemen for suggestions.

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Bumping my thread

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And for the best insect alien... the Mi-go

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beat it, kid.

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