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I was gonna say, given the topic things were actually decidedly civil.

Which is probably why we should quit it while we're still ahead.

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I hereby propose a new topic of conversation: Imagine there's a whole bunch of completely shitty infantry going up against your murderhobo'ed up character. Your only goal is to murder as many as possible before going out in a blaze of glory. How'd you go about it? Heavy armor to ignore their attacks as long as possible? Plink them to death from afar with a bow while running in circles? Load up on CP and dance between them like a crazy fucker?

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I'm still 50/50 whether that's a dude or a buff lady.

Either way, would.

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So, I just DM'ed my second proper session of 4E (I also never really played before), and surprisingly it went swimmingly. It was a pretty spontaneous affair, so I had to make most stuff up on the spot and basically flew by the seat of my pants most of the time. Still, everybody had a lot of fun and we managed to end the session with a pretty cool setpiece (fighting pirates lead by an insane berserker on the high seas, yar!).
>Feels good, man

Anyways, this showed me that playing with a relatively general outline and improvising a lot is actually not quite as daunting as I had feared at first. However, I still had a bit of trouble here and there so I'm wondering if any of you guys have and advice on that kind of thing. Obviously I'll try to prepare some more for future sessions, but it's always nice to have something to fall back one when things get off the rails.

Most importantly, is there a way to quickly generate quasi-random batches of enemies and/or loot?
I mostly just slapped together some humans or halflings and filled the rest up with a bunch of minions, but in the future I'd like to have things a little more varied.

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This guy killed 11 Yari samurai before dying.

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A side shot before impact.

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