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They may not be outright bad guys anymore, but they have no obligation to the virtues that define being a Paladin. One in particular even goes out of his way to go, "FUCK UTHER. THAT FUCKING DICK. GO SHIT ON HIS GRAVE OR SOMETHING". And then you try to defile Uther's grave and his ghost just kinda shows up and goes, "Why do this? I pity the hate of the one who sent you here."

I have a hard time looking at blood elves and seeing anything but angsty teenagers.

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Someone is going to be running a multi-civ game. I showed him Dawn of Worlds and he may use that as the system, although feel free to suggest other systems.

I want my civ to be Drow. Now, I don't know too much about Drow since I never played D&D, but I think the original idea of them being these anti-adventurers is pretty cool. How do I flesh them out while keeping them 'Drow'? Or make them not actually elvish, yet still recognizably Drow? And give them a functioning society?

I was thinking about making them a race obsessed with being the best amongst all races, with somewhat meritocratic and eugenistic policies tied in. Spying the shit out of neighbors. Giving impressive enough foreign soldiers the chance to join them. etc. Their slave population would occasionally let a few slaves become free men, but they're otherwise bred for docile-ness.

Their govt. would have a council, made up of elected officials from each caste (Artisan, Philosopher, Mage, Martial, Common & Clergy), with the Executive rotating between castes every couple of years.

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Me in one sentence: I like good typography, am dominant except for a few situations, and do ALL kinds of characters and scenarios.

Looking for: Cute subs interested in very harsh treatment. (If you have other ideas, I'll still listen to you.)


Send me a note or reply in this thread if you're interested. I do a LOT of roleplaying, but I'm looking for some new people to play with.

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Yes? Go on!

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and sounds cooler

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Hey /tg/,

I am making some custom MtG cards and I need some card samples. I am making a card that costs you each turn to stay in play.

Can you give me some such examples, where you have to pay each turn in order for the card to stay in game?

thanks guys

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I am doing a 3.5 drow conquest campaign
i need all drow and everything related to drow pictures for references and inspiration
and any character/counter ideas you have

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the way we do it is, depending on the character, say a paladin.. he went off to do holy things.. or a ninja went off to assassinate someone
if you miss more then two sessions we have a hard time letting you back in

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