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We're 4chan. And we're in /tg/.
That should be enough to explain it.

If you're wondering for the CYOA threads in specific: we're pretty much in the middle of one of the threads with the most creative thinking, between creating builds or creating CYOAs, or discussing the rules of a CYOA and potential consequences.. You know how working in a group in a think-tank to get some project done or just even comparing notes goes IRL?
That should explain plenty.

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Funposting aside, you're actually dead-on here. Superman and Justice League are actually going to be pretty important to the World Engine 'arc', which is basically when the Jumper is actually doing important stuff. It also marks the first serious attempt to derail the Engine and to set him free.

Plus I couldn't pass up making my favorite childhood cartoon plot-important.

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>tfw Discworld has a cute vampire police woman that no one remembers
Poor Sally

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ALRIGHT, FUCK IT. WE'RE DOING IT. If I can't make it sound exciting, plausible or epic enough, I'll retcon the build since I actually like this chain and don't want another goddamn Moonshatter.

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Jumpers, what kind of doomsday devices have you created in your chain?

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Jumpers, tell me about your goofiest moments, where you stopped taking things seriously and just had fun with it. Like building a doomsday weapon as a hamster, for example.

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Morning, /jc/.

I'm pretty sure the serum isn't canon and is mostly just an item that lets you easily let people awaken and utilize Linker Cores in later jumps.

If someone finds a canon example somewhere, then assume that's true instead.
I'm not averse to putting it back in later, but it's going to be a while before I update the jump again. It's also pretty heavy as far as drawbacks go already. So maybe?

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Yes. This song.


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>Useless magic items for a pathfinder tabletop setting?

Dagger of healing. Normal dagger damage plus 1d4 of healing.
Bracers of here and there. Bracers teleport with a command word and switch places. (Just the Bracers)
Saucepan of infinite flavor. A saucepan that, with a concentration check, recreates a meal that the pc using it has had in their lifetime.
Bore top. With a spin, the top will never stop spinning unless hit or knocked over. Can drill through a foot of dirt in one day if left undisturbed. (Wind can knock it over)
Book of remembrance. Records the exploits of the person holding it. Upon getting a new owner, it reverts to a blank book.
Call of the wild. Summons a random hostile(to all) animal.

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They might be master blacksmiths but I don't think they are very skilled when it gets technical with the the cogs and levers and maths.

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Hey /tg/, I'm trying to work out an encounter for my play group currently and I keep getting stuck on how exactly I want to do it. Essentially, the players are going to be in a fairly open field with stone ruins scattered here and there. There's a cannon about a mile away that's firing giant harpoons at the party, and a wizard at says cannon is using a number of homunculi that are psychically connected to him to get the coordinates of the party and instruct the cannon crew where to fire.

Obviously, the party's goal is simply to kill the hidden homunculi so that the cannon crew won't know where to shoot any longer. In the mean time, the cannon lobs a shot at them once every 30 seconds or so. Pretty straight forward.

My difficulty comes from how I actually can go about putting this encounter together. I've considered actually just doing it table top style with models, a blast template, and scatter dice, but I feel like there's probably a better way to go about it. Anybody have any suggestions?

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Your Johnny/Timmy has different decks, but we are alike in spirit.

>Ashling with 23 counters on her and 6 untapped mana.
>Do something to displease me, I dare you!
>Bearer of the Heavens, sac with high market
>Oops, there's a Soul of New Phyrexia in my graveyard
>Cackle in a wizard voice

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There's always a little section on potential post-end questing that can take you right up to 20th.
For example, Kingmaker has the Brevoy war possibly bubbling over, dick ass River Kingdoms shenanigans and the return of Choral the Conqueror in all his rape-happy glory as well as my personal favorite ever, FUCKIN' FEY, the Quest, involving the Eldest being dicks and the PCs being forced to 'pay off' the debt they owe for killing Nyrissa by resurrecting the bitch

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you have to admit, writing Sheev must be so satisfying

you get to write all sorts of terrible tragedy and cruelty without pissing off an ethnic group!

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That's because the game would be too easy.

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Basic RolePlaying. The system used in Call of Cthulhu, RuneQuest and others.
And another vote for BRP. While it may lack the depth and detail of GURPS and HERO, it makes up for it in raw playability.

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