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>Dev team had another playtest this week
>Apparently 20 min playtime, 18 players
>9404 shots fired, 910 melee swings, 3238 total player hits for 53018 damage.
>~2.72 seconds to kill a player with a bolter at the moment... if you hit with every shot.
>Everyone was using a gamepad and sticking to one weapon

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Planning to be an Evil Sunz Mekboy, gonna fix ya gubbinz, ladz

What kind of weather are you hoping for, if there will be a variety? Heavy rain? Heavy snow? Heavy winds?

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Ork Clans:
Goffs, Evil Sunz, Deathskulls, Bad Moons

Confirmed and speculated classes:
Boys, Nobs, Mekboy, Painboy, Stormboy, Weirdboy

Space Marine Chapters:
Ultramarine, Space Wolves, Blood Angels, Dark Angels

Confirmed and Speculated Classes:
Tactical Marines, Devastators, Assault Marines, Apothecaries, Techmarines, Librarians

Chaos Legions:
Iron Warriors

Speculated Classes:

Eldar Craftworlds:
None so far

Speculated Classes:
Swooping Hawks, Bonesingers, Warlocks

So with what we know so far, what will be your play choice? You will be able to switch classes before spawning into battle, but I know a lot of you will wanna focus on playing one kind.

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