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Careful to not choke with all that jelly.

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>People are posting hand drawn versions of the /wip/ pic you cropped and posted


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>That chaos primaris


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Where do the marines stand in a Rhino? There's no room!

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Fuckin' nice

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>Twelve (12) pack abs

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>Started new army of Iron Knights SM
>Red shirt recommends Primaris Marines
>Explain that lore-wise they're on a penitent crusade
>Watch him bend over backwards trying to sell me these new models without infringing upon lore again

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Tbh, the paint is thicc, but its not to horribad levels either. For future models, try to thin the paint with water a little (usually a drop of water is enough for the amount in the paint well on the caps of Citadel or P3 paints). Once you're more confident in your skills, you can strip these guys with Simple Green and have another swing at them. Otherwise, keep it up

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>"Marine, could we take a photograph with you?"
>"Very well, guardsman. What is on that paper?"
>"Oh, it's says "For The Emperor!". We're going to send it to the lads back home."
>"A fine idea! Their hearts will be comforted by your noble sacrifices out here, guardsman."
>"Thanks, Marine."

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>That monopose on the NuMarine

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>2 poses

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Do you guys paint your models before sticking them together or after?

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>Hussar Wings

My n-word.

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No idea where the big E hid the blueprints. I'd imagine that they'd be in the hands of the mechanicus. Like most blueprints from millenia ago though, they're practically impossible to understand. Did he even use blueprints or did he just do it in one?

Depends on the chapter. And I think you mean Inquisition, right? Because all Space Marines are part of the Imperium so it's hard to have a strained relationship with yourself. Some view the Inquisition as a bit restraining and not actually doing the right thing by not helping civilians (See Salamanders, Space Wolves), which isn't entirely wrong
They're xenos.
I've never heard of this until now. Has there been another GK codex? Last I played was in the reboot and I'm pretty sure it had no mention of this there.
Physically they share similarities with other space marines but the mental property of a Grey Knight far surpasses that of even a Space Marine. The GK are all psykers, which is a rarity in 40k despite the massive population. Then those psykers are forced into one of the worst selection exercises ever. I think the aforementioned codex put the odds of an aspirant actually becoming a GK without being killed/kicked out/turned into a servitor at about a million to one. And to be a part of that million, you'd have to be a psyker on a black ship, selected as one of millions on it. So you'd be a one in a million of a million of a million to be a Grey Knight.


No one knows. Everything is true. 40k is dumb as hell but that's why we love it.

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You're a skilled writer. You do this board proud, Anon.

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rare art of their hq

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Share some hilarity that has happend to you while playing 40k

>Be me
>Fairly new to 40k
>playing imperial guard
>infantry based
>only 1 Leman Russ backup
>Fighting Chaos
>His Termies and warlord goes after my Russ because he wants the "tankhunter" objective
>has to plow through the masses of imps that secured 5 fucking objective points in the first round
>1 round later his Termies are literally touching the tank
>can't fire the main gun because it would hit the tank, Fucking heresy
>Termies has power fists and the Warlord is OP as fuck
>tank has 1 Hull point left
>uses my double mounted plasmas to hit them
>rolls double "get's hot"
>Tank blows up
>Enemy rages
>MFW i took away the objective point from the enemy by blowing up my own tank

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>Finally getting around to a second session of the campaign after months
>One player was never able to attend sessions, doesn't really fit with the rest of the party
>Plays a priest with points in all social stuff, never talks
>Basically sits around waiting for combat
>Everyone else is story and investigation focused
>New guy's schedule shifted, able to attend now
>Playing arbiter
>Need to have a way to introduce Arbiter whilst getting rid of priest
>Arbiter is going to arrest priest at the start of next session

Sure feels good to get back into it. How are your campaigns going, folks?

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Imp Guard are easy.
Melta vets in chimeras. get ACs for the chimeras
buy demolishers for leman russ. Never build Vanquishers
Scions are Like SMs but for the guard and less bolters

Get your vets grenadiers Schooling for carapace armour and that they become Budget Scions

Always take atleast One Hydra if your list goes past 1200pts

Look into buying a knight. they are very useful if used correctly.

Basically Infantry, Chimeras and Sentinels are your Bread and butter. Tanks are the relish.
Valkyries are more like the olive that sits on top,
Arty is the ham Scions are the onions
Heavy weapons teams are more or less cheese
and putting a vox in each squad is like the lettuce.
Its always good practice to equip each squad including HQ and CCS with vox casters.

Never buy into Tauroxes.
If you dont feel like spending extra for the meltaguns just go put flamers into vetsquads.
Having 12 flamer templates hitting a group of orks in a horseshoe is immensely satisfying.

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i wanna see you do a squad of each faction Specifically IG so i can have a look at how you would do them :T

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> Setting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ofozkUtCYYc

> Hero https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kNLkgxix2Uo

> Antagonist. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wz-4xELUpMs

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We had an entire quest dedicated to most of these questions.

See Heretical Love Quest


The answer is to just impersonate a commissar and bluff your way to poon.

What a time to be alive.

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Maybe 1d4chan isn't the best place to introduce your friends to 40k lore, maybe try the official wiki?

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