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don't know, but I'm waiting for his ruleset so I can shamelessly steal any neat idea for my own
I like writing my own, it's an entertaining exercise in problem solving

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has 2.5 been released yet?
I want to see how SNA tackles alternated activations

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has he shown an example of the basic rules so far? I'm actually curious on this homebrew for once

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SS termies are tough in 8th edition and they also put out a bunch of damage, meaning they match 2 of the 3 virtues of a good melee unit which is the minimum requirements to actually be good in melee.

unfortunately 9th editions changes to stormshields has weakened their durability against designated anti terminator weapons but thats come with the tradeoff of making them stronger against basic anti infantry so I don't really have any problems there.

tactical terminators are still terrible however and lightning claw terminators are a gimmick.

I'm interested SNA, if you were given authority over re-balancing hormagaunts how would you go about doing it?

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oh boy

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>the Sol System is invaded by the largest single Tyranid attack in history
good start, using an already identified but obscure piece of information to build believability
>An attack which will wipe out all the First born Adeptus Astartes
unlikely, read "will wipe out most firsborn adeptus astartes"
>see the return of Jaghatai Khan out of Terras Webway portal
sounds like guesswork that uses a less obvious choice to sound smart, primarchs are not chosen based on obscurity but popularity: expect dorn or leman russ
>Grey Knights will activate the Terminus Decree which dissapointly is only releasing some imprisoned character called "The Angel" who isn't sanguinius but someone else.
possible, but again, sounds like you're using disappointment and obscurity to make your rumour more believable
>this is killing off the none primaris marines and giving a reason to 'soft squat' the tyranids.
absurd inflammatory conclusions to make the rumour spread
>In the lore they will no longer be the greatest threat
that's already the case: hive fleets are diversifying their behaviour instead of swarming over see: hydra, tiamat, kronos
>all the bioforms -which will still be around and playable for the most part- are now 'purestrain' evolved from genestealers which are now the zerg style baseline of the entire species that adapts to match the need of the colony.
contradicting narratives with the one of the genestealer cults, but creating situations where nids infest a planet without the need of a fleet does not come at the exclusion of narratives where the cults operate on their own, or ones where the nids operate as usual with a fleet and as a matter of fact already exist; also this reads like a personal opinion on how things should be according to you rather than a rumour
>Instead of a tyranid 9th codex there will just be an expanded GSC one.
and selling less books when nidfags will eat them up even when shit? dumb

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>tfw the Swarmlord has more attacks and wounds morty on 3s
>tfw 20 Genestealers wound him on 5s
>tfw 12 exocrine plasma shots wound him on 4s, and reduce him to his invuln save
>tfw 60 shots rerolling all 1s from devilgaunts also wound him on 5s

MAN. I really look forward to all those smug DG players putting down their "MUH OP UNIT BRUH", calling Mortarion unkillable and all that shit.
And the look on their face when I remove him from the table game after game. I don't even care if I win or lose, I just want to see the despair in their faces

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Stay mad, boiz. My CC focused list works just fine.

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What I listen too while painting my models...on loop.
The title says it all.

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I mean....it's TECHNICALLY viable...me and a friend both play nids, I prefer the "swarmy" style, but he does full blown nidzilla. His list is a Malanthrope (maybe 2?), a couple rippers for objectives, and the rest is nothing but carnifexes.
Its funny, because he's won pretty much every game in 8th with that list because nobody knows how to deal with 10 or so carnifexes charging down the field at 1500 points.

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Thats what he gets for playing smurfs

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> GSC, DE, Necrons, Nids (in order of fucks given about them, from most to least)
>caring more about fetish BDSM edgy space elf pirates and undead egyptian style terminator ripoffs than nids
.....b-but anon, your little critters love you unconditionally...they deserve some love back, too

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Do I really have to waste my time on that when I could just be playing the game instead, or discussing something actually interesting?

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>Like Nids.
How can you not feel emotionally invested in these little buggers? They're cute as fuck.

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Taufag detected

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....I wish my bugs looked that nice....
Kudos, sir. Absolutely lovely.

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>>Rupture Cannon: S 10; AP -1; D d3; heavy 2. If it hits with both shots, they get AP -4; D d6. And if Tyrannofex stands still, all his weapons can fire twice

>1/2 chance of getting 2 hits at s10 -4 d6

sounds good, where's the catch?

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>necrons have perfect matter energy covertion
amount of energy required to create 1kg of matter with 100% efficiency =8.987X10^16 joules

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Not every tyranidfag is a grill

I'm a manly man collecting cute plastic pets wielding living weapons of phallic resemblance

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>>Drop Pods AND their cargo must deploy 9" away from enemy models
>>Flamers have less than 9" range

>mfw creating a 3" thick cordon of gunts around the big monsters to be safe against alpha striking meltadrops

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>it's bad because it's too special
>it's also bad because it's bland

Look, we've discussed this even in other threads, I understand your frustration towards everything cruddace, but your arguments against the swarmlords mostly boil down to strawmen and arbitrary assumptions on the limits and methods of a hivemind.

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My local GW store is pretty cool, but they understand that to their north, west, east, and south they have larger, more popular game stores that would eat their business in a heartbeat if the manager wasn't as cool and accommodating as he was. There's no pressure to order, but they do adhere to the "GW-only" rule. It's corporate policy and understandable. I just make sure I order my entire army through that local store to help them out.

I play at the GW store during the LGS off-days; usually each store has a different 40k Game Night so you could make the rounds if you really wanted.

>All the ones in my area are badly placed
This, it's out of the way and on the border of niggertown. That said they do have a bangin' teriyaki joint literally next door so it all works out.

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