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>tfw memories of playing an Akashic Brotherhood Mage
>tfw he was essentially a Dragonball Z character
>tfw you realise why your group hated the charater

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>it's a Kender

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This thread is disappoint /tg/.

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I can relate to OP, though, since I have a tenancy to act like she does (Though I've been trying to be warmer). The most basic fact of the matter is that it's probably her parents fault.

Life in Russia was hard as balls, and it was just made more miserable because simple actions like smiling had insincere implications. When you're growing up in a Russian-American community like I did, surrounded by adults that are willing to smack you for looking at them wrong, you're caught between two language and cultural barriers, old traditional Russian culture and a new American media culture. Perspectives will gets skewed until you can adapt to fit nicely in one of them. Doubly so if you're a nerd and growing up you had trouble talking to people. The Russian kids I grew up with are the perfect example, every single one of them was pretty fucked up, acting out for attention or being so insecure it hurts.

I'm pretty sure she doesn't mean any harm, OP. She might be stubborn about it, and she'll probably be incredibly conscious about her actions, but if it bugs you just talk to her. She's not going to hit you over the head with bottle of Vodka.

Good luck, OP!

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>zipper on her stalking.

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