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For fuck sake, I thought you were joking. I don't even know with this faction anymore.

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I highly reccomend watching podcasts of other DMs and learning from them. Their mistakes and successes should influence your progression into this hell of a game. I'll tell you one of my many plights.
>be me
>holy dwarf cleric of Torag (Pathfinderfag)
>inna party with two players that are completly homocidal and one sane person.
>a rouge that is a carbon copy of deadpool
>dwarf ranger who's personality is "fuck bitches get gold"
>actual quote from his character
>a half elf fighter who really could have been intresting if he hadnt un sticks and left after shit got too crazy
>by the end of the campaign my dwarf was dead, I was full-time DM
>ranger had become a drunken barbarian with the constitution of a god (literally he had like 50)
>used akimbo colossal waraxes.
>I shit you not
>damage so high it averaged around the 2 hundreds each round
>Rouge had somewhere around 60 AC due to his 50. fucking. Dex.
>they even started creating their own classes/ prestige classes to make themselves even more OP.
>kicked those fuckers out when the ranger threw the handbook across the room and lit a fire in my basement for shits and giggles.

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