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how do I paint Invaders?

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they look neat, have some cool history and well..Invading is pretty cool.

honestly though, I can't decide to paint my Marines as Relictors, Blood Ravens, Brazen Claws or Invaders. I like all of their color schemes.

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Gotta invade something.

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>but they wont ever blow up a craftworld or do anything that hurts the race as a whole



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And then those three companies threw themselves into Ahriman's trap on Jollana. Only twelve survived.

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Grey Knights codex. Basically, Ahriman attacks the Librarium of Jollana, takes what he wants, then withdraws. Three companies of Invaders and an Imperial Guard army are sent to reinforce the Librarium. The Invaders are unable to detect any trace of an enemy from orbit - for all they know, there could be millions of foes, or none at all. Regardless, they do the one thing they always do: FULL-SCALE ASSAULT. Also dragging the Imperial Guard along with them.

After the last Imperial Guard forces have landed, Ahriman's trap card activates and causes an explosion that bathes the catacombs of the Librarium in Warpfire and causes the planet to literally rock on its axis. Every single Guardsman is burnt to a crisp, alongside many Invaders. And that's before the Daemons get there.

To cut a long story short, the Grey Knights intervene and kill all the daemons, but only twelve Invaders survive, and are, naturally, mindwiped.

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>They continue to send more bodies through the teleporter because the codex says it's the best tactic ever.
Spess Mehreens faced a similar situation with the Necron World Engine, in that teleport assaults proved not only useless, but fatal for the Battul Bruthas being teleported.

>Drop Pods and boarding torpedoes could not penetrate the World Engine's shields, and teleport beams targeted onto its surface lost all coherency. After two full Terminator squads from the Invaders Chapter were lost in this manner, further attempts were forbidden.

Ward seems to like making an example of the Invaders. They also got kicked off their homeworld by Craftworld Alaitoc (who he seems to like) and lost nearly three companies assaulting a Librarium they believed Ahriman to be plundering, but which was in fact completely empty - or at least was until they activated his trap and got almost all of themselves eaten by daemons.

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At least the Marines paid for it in the end.

852.M41 The Invaders Chapter launch a direct assault on the Craftworld Idharae. Though the Space Marines suffer horrific casualties, they leave the Craftworld a ruined and desolate hulk.

895.M41 Craftworld Alaitoc launches a devastating attack on the Invaders’ Chapter Planet. With the Invaders still under strength following their assault on Idharae they are quickly overcome. Though three companies escape the disaster, the fortress-monastery is lost. The Invaders are thereafter a spacebound Chapter.

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The Invaders.

Every time I see them, with their symbol of a skull in the middle of a five-point star, as well as mentions in the codex that they're big on mass drop pods, I think.....D-day.

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